Strength Is Not Hulk’s Primary Superpower: Find Out More

In every Marvel movie that has the smallest role of Hulk, it does not seem possible for him to leave the screen without smashing a thing or two. The word “Hulk” has become synonymous with a huge body that is capable of massive physical destruction. And in case you have a short-term memory, Hulk will remind you that he is the strongest there can be, whenever you see him. It is why it gets easy for people to confuse strength with his main superpowers. Dr. Bruce Banner is capable of switching from his lean frame to a hunky gamma-filled muscular body and becoming physically invincible.

But what people tend to forget is that muscles and green color are not his actual power. The man can mutate and turn into a being with different powers. To explain it better, Banner can morph himself into varied versions of the Hulk. Some Hulks can see ghosts and celestial beings or bodies similar to Dr. Strange. It stems out of his fear that his dad’s soul may still be searching for him. Another power that he developed was when Hulk began spending a considerable amount of time underwater. Much like Namor, he developed the powers to breathe underwater, and now he could fight battles in water bodies as well without losing breath. It will also help Bruce in case he finds himself in a situation where he might drown. If he manages to turn into the Hulk, he will not die.

This new power was acquired by the superhero much later. Initially, when Hulk was portrayed fighting rivals underwater, it was conveniently attributed to his powerful lungs and their much larger capacity for oxygen storage and ensuring that the green giant does not die. Despite his exertions below water, his lungs somehow kept him going. He found this power especially helpful when Spiderman mistakenly punched him into space. He grew weak but did not die because his lungs held ample oxygen. This motivated Banner to add more powers to Hulk’s catalog and he made Hulk so adaptable that he could even survive in space for much longer durations. The Incredible Hulk #77 described a situation wherein Hulk realized that his body had a different mechanism to contain oxygen. He had a gland that would activate itself whenever Hulk needed to store large amounts of oxygen in his lungs

Another notable and fascinating detail is that Bruce can also choose to not give certain powers to his superhero avatar. It may be because some Hulks cannot sustain themselves without oxygen for longer periods. Anyway, the capability to adapt as per need of the hour is very handy and worth exploring the power.


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