Strengthening the Mind and Body of Addicts with the Help of Nasha Mukti Kendra in Punjab

Rehabilitation-Center-in-Jalandhar-2Various de-addiction programs are organized in the de-addiction centres to provide a new life to the addicts. Drugs and alcohol addicts can take the services at rehabilitation centres. The basic aims of all the centres are the same. The aim is to strengthen the mind, body, and spiritual side of the drug abuser, so that he can take life back into his hands.

In all the de-addiction centres, aside from the use of medicines to reduce the symptoms combined with the withdrawal stage of the drugs, yoga and meditation are complete throughout the rehab course. Yoga and meditation enable a drug abuser to constantly gain control over the mind and the body. It also helps them to bring peace and joy to their life. The exercise of breathing and concentration of breathing are the methods used in the beginning stages of the meditations.

The yoga postures in Nasha Mukti Kendra in Punjab enable them to control the body and provide strength to it. The strength which was provided through the use of drugs or alcohol is now constantly replaced by yoga postures. The addicts are also given some spiritual lessons in form of daily prayer sessions after yoga and meditation. Daily exercise also provides multiple benefits for patients in recovery. The daily assembly of addicts in prayers helps them to see life from a full attitude. It also makes them feel that they are not alone and also part of the whole world. Anger management, controlling emotions, and living life alone then becomes easy for them.

The spiritual sessions help a drug abuser to contract with life outside of the rehabilitation centre. The essential phase of recovery starts once an addict is out of the de-addiction centre. The powerful mind and strong feeling that they are connected with the almighty God enable a former addict to keep away from those situations which first of all lead him to the addiction to any drugs.

It has been seen in Nasha Mukti Kendra in Punjab that a person with a strong mind and belief in personal capabilities can withstand any pressure of situations and remain free from any addiction. Daily therapy and treatments help a person better understand and overcome the reasons behind their addiction. The necessity for addiction comes when a person feels weak and lonely. In the treatment of the feeling of loneliness, the family members are also involved in the various sessions in the de-addiction centres. The open conversation with family members in the presence of the addict removes any communication gap. This removal of the gap helps a former addict to feel a part of society and family, which helps him to keep away from all addictions.

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