Stretch To Strike: Yoga Poses for Stretching your Body

What better start of a morning than stretching your body, with basic postures of Yoga? Relax your muscles and joints to let the flow of good vibes prevail in the body and mind. Stretching improves the circulation of blood in the body thus, keeps at ease your muscles for the proper functioning of body and mind. The focus on the alignment of your body through the postures becomes more strong. Boost your energy levels to have a power-packed going of the day. Join the Best Yoga Teacher Training in Bali to help yourself and others to have the body, with proper functioning systems.

Raised Arms Pose

Take your arms over your head and remain grounded in the heels. Move your shoulders away from the ears while reaching the fingertips. Look up to the hands and stretch. The pose is known to have a focused alignment of the body.

Garland Pose

Bend your knees after moving the feet to the outward edges of the mat and form a squat posture. The pose is common in children, but as adults, it helps in countering the effect of long sittings on the chairs.

Standing Forward Bend

While exhaling, bend your spine forward and fold your legs into a forward bend. Let the head hang heavy, and you can try to straighten your legs slowly. Continue the pose for 5 breaths and release. The pose helps in strengthening your thighs and legs.

Lunge Pose

To stretch your hips, quadriceps, and gluteus muscles, practice the lunge pose of stretching. While keeping your legs straight, move the feet back under your hips while your left leg is stretching to the back of the mat and bend your right knee for a deep lunge. Repeat the lunge with the left foot forward and right foot stretching to the back of the mat.

Plank Pose

After the lunge stretching, put your left foot back so that it is just next to the right foot. This is the initialization of a pushup. Hold the pose for 5 breaths and make sure the hips do not rise too high or go too low.

Seated Forward Bend

While exhaling, bring your torso over the legs in forwarding bent by remaining seated. Hold your feet with your arms stretched in front. Hold the pose for 5 breaths and release. It helps in the proper functioning of the abdominal organs.

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