Strongest Gorilla Glass Ever Launched

Corning recently released a brand new display protection product named Corning Gorilla Glass Victus. According to the claims of the company, this glass is the toughest ever glass built for any digital device, be it computers, tablets, smartphones, or smartwatches. The company said that this fantastic glass proves to be excellent in the drop and scratch test as compared to any other glass available currently.

According to the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Mobile Consumer Electronics, John Bayne, Corning conducted in-depth research on consumers that shows consumers give a high value to drop and scratch performance when buying a gadget.

In the lab tests conducted on Gorilla Glass Victus, it was able to survive when dropped on a rough and hard platform from 2 meters above the ground. While on the other hand, aluminosilicate glasses broke when dropped from only 0.8 meters.

The company says that Gorilla Glass Victus even bettered Corning Gorilla Glass 6 and is twice stronger in scratch resistance. Alongside this, it is four times better as compared to other aluminosilicate glasses.

For the largest smartphone markets in the world, such as India, USA, and China, the durability of the smartphones is the biggest concern. As per the test conducted by Corning, amongst all the qualities such as camera, screen size, the thickness of the device, durability of the device is essential for them as they are even willing to pay more to get the best product. Alongside, Corning also conducted several surveys and took feedback from approx 90,000 consumers, all of which indicated that the significance of the durability of their gadgets had increased twice in the last seven years.

According to the sources, Samsung is going to be the first brand to adopt Gorilla Glass Victus for its devices. Bayne also said that though the company is creating more tough glasses to prevent the breaking of phones when you drop them, it also shows scratches that can make it dull in appearance. But when the developers focused on preventing both scratch and breakage, they came up with the Gorilla Glass Victus.

Gorilla Glass 3 is not just consolidated chemically, but it is formulated with such a configuration that makes the glass much more durable, sturdy, and damage resistant. And this is what makes Gorilla Glass 3 so unique. It is all because of this unique composition that Corning can produce such a fantastic performing glass that would resist scratches as well as breakage. Now, people can only test themselves the strength of the glass, when Samsung will first launch its device with Gorilla glass Victus.

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