Student Visa for India: Explore Your Education and Learning

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Do you dream of a quality education, come to India as it is the hub of education resources with over 17,000 colleges and 383 universities. So, you can get an education for whatever stream you chose be it medical, technical, art, economy, engineering, and more. In India, You can opt for most sought-after courses which are internationally recognized.

India is entitled as the second largest higher education hub and education here is relatively cheaper than that of other countries. You can also get easy education loans for higher and high-budget education.

With all these facilities and dynamic resources for education available in India, you must be enticed to visit India for education purpose.

But, do you know, you need a student visa to get an entry to India for getting an education.

What is student visa?

A student visa is provided to the student who wants to come to India and study at some popular and internationally recognized universities.


If you want a multiple-entry visa then you must be a bonafide student to continue studies at some popular university.


It is a multiple-entry visa and it is valid for the period of study which is approved by the educational institute of India.

Provisional visa

A student may encounter the circumstances where they don’t have a confirmation letter from the university and recognized college due to any pending admission test and result. In this case, the student can apply for a provisional visa. It will be issued on the basis of the provisional admission certificate.

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