Study In Canada Scholarships Program: All You Need to Know About this Canadian Government-Funded Exchange Program for International Students

What is the Study in Canada Scholarships Program?

Funded by Global Affairs Canada, the country’s department for diplomatic and consular relations, the Study in Canada Scholarships Program aims to enable students from eligible countries to pursue post-secondary education in Canada. This scholarship program offers short-term exchange opportunities to international students to study in Canada or undertake world-class research at college, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels at prestigious Canadian post-secondary education institutions. The Study in Canada Scholarships Program is facilitated by way of various student exchange agreements and institutional cooperation between tertiary educational institutes in Canada and eligible countries. Successful candidates receive scholarships for four months or one academic term of research or study or for five to six months at the graduate level.

Countries eligible for the Study in Canada Scholarships Program

Students belonging to the following countries/territories are eligible to apply for the Study in Canada Scholarships Program:

Asia: Bangladesh, Taiwan, Nepal

Europe: Ukraine, Turkey

North Africa and Middle East: Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan, Morocco, Libya

Sub-Saharan Africa: Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Tanzania

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for the Study in Canada Scholarships Program, applicants must be enrolled as full-time students at tertiary educational institutions in any of the above-mentioned countries and must be paying their required tuition fees while applying for a scholarship as well as for the full length of the exchange program.

Contrastingly, those students who hold Canadian permanent residency, have applied for it, or hold Canadian citizenship are not eligible for this program. In addition, those applicants who are enrolled at a Canadian tertiary educational institute or are already participating in a Government of Canada funded exchange scholarship scheme are also ineligible for the Study in Canada Scholarships Program.

Value and Length of Study in Canada Scholarships

The Canadian institutions offering Study in Canada Scholarships are allocated funds as contribution agreements by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD), a.k.a. Global Affairs Canada. In addition to these funds, the host institution can also claim CAD 500 per scholarship recipient for administrative expenses following the recipient’s arrival in Canada. The value of the award is dependent on the duration of studies:

  •         CAD 10,200 for at least four months or an academic term for students at the college, undergraduate, or graduate level.
  •         CAD 12,700 for graduate-level students for study or research undertaken over five to six months.

Eligible Expenses

Study in Canada Scholarships funds disbursed to the recipient cover the following expenses:

  •         Visa or study/work permit fees
  •         Airfare
  •         Living expenses, including food, accommodation, and utilities
  •         Health insurance
  •         Public transportation
  •     Supplies and books required for study and research purposes, except computers and other gadgetry

Application Process

Candidates interested in the Study in Canada Scholarships Program are required to contact their home institution and provide a letter of intent delineating the motive for undertaking their studies in Canada, nature of studies or research, the chosen institution, program, and supervisor, as well as the relevance of the program to their future career goals.

Moreover, the candidates should not apply on their own behalf as the Canadian institutions submit the scholarship applications and upload all supporting documents on behalf of the candidates. However, the responsibility for identifying competent candidates who fulfill the host institution’s requirements and for providing their requisite documentation lies on the home institution.

Supporting Documents

Following is a list of documents that must be uploaded along with the online application form for Study in Canada Scholarships:

  •         Proof of citizenship (Copy of the applicant’s national identity card or passport)
  •         Letter of intent by the candidate
  •         Proof of full-time enrolment
  •         Letter of support from the home institution
  •         Signed copy of a written agreement with the partner institution
  •         Letter of invitation from the host institution’s supervisor
  •         A copy of the Privacy Notice Statement

Selection Process

The assessment and selection of applications for Study in Canada Scholarships is based on the following guidelines:

All online applications received by the deadline are screened to ensure the fulfillment of eligibility requirements.

Eligible applications with all supplementary documentation are evaluated based on criteria such as benefit to both the home and host institutions and peers, the merit of the research/study to be undertaken, and the strength of the ties fostered via the exchange program.

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