Stunning Temple Jewellery Pieces For Brides

Marriages and occasions mark the arrival of happiness and a new stage of life. You celebrate it in pomp and invite all distant and close relatives to grace the occasion. As a bride, you aim to look stunning in the traditional wedding outfit and become the centre of attraction for the guests. Therefore, you ensure to follow all the rituals and cherish every moment.

Bridal temple jewellery is an inevitable part of South Indian weddings, although girls from other states wear them on their wedding day to spark their appearance. The antique value, the perfect finish, and the statement element are some reasons for its popularity.


These jewel pieces were popular during the Chola Dynasty in the ninth century. People used them as offerings to temples, and thus they got the name. Moreover, kings and queens wore them to symbolise Hinduism, the faces of idols, nature, and other elements. Though they contain pure gold, you find them in emeralds, rubies, pearls, and uncut diamonds while jewellery shopping online.


When we talk about its cost, most retailers and websites sell them between Rs. 10 lakh and Rs. 20 lakh. Above all, the authentic pieces are costlier. Modern jewellers mix other metals with gold or add stones or crystals to reduce the price.


Currently, you find such jewellery in North and South India and online jewellery shopping websites. Plenty of authentic brands and stores sell them to customers. So, it is better to select your collection by visiting them. You also get attractive discounts on them during festive seasons and auspicious occasions.

Jhumkas and earrings

Earrings possess a remarkable charm from delicate designs displaying Hindu deities, idols, peacocks, swans, and other natural symbols. Brides select large and beautiful jhumkas which suit their attire. Alternatively, you find other trendsetters in online jewellery, including Lakshmi earrings and peacock earrings with hangings.

Nethi Chutti

It is a forehead jewel piece made of pure gold or mixed with rubies, emeralds, pearls, or uncut diamonds. You find different patterns, including multi-layered and gold motifs, while shopping for jewellery online for a finishing touch to bridal hairdos.


Ideally, necklaces come in attractive designs and beautified pendants showcasing royal symbols. Goddess Saraswati, Lord Ganesh, Goddess Lakshmi, etc., are the usual idols you find. Different design patterns like coins, mango, peacock, and swan shapes are also available for necklaces.


Also known as Udyanam, it is an attractive jewellery piece worn by brides on their waist. There are coin-shaped Kamarbandhs with elaborate designs as well as a swan or heavy peacock motif patterns.

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