It is possible to build a large number of clients in LIC after become lic agent but it is not that simple. You have to do hard work because hard work is the key to success and it is the basic need to remain successful over a longer period of time.

Now, let’s discuss how to start career as an insurance agent:

You are an advisor and it is your duty to sell life insurance policy according to the need of the customer, as agent is the only person who has gone through the training and cleared the exam to become a professional insurance advisor.

So, firstly, find the clients in your own friend circle, as we know our friends very well, and to begin selling insurance to friends you will gain confidence. It’s always easy to sell a policy to a known person than selling to a unknown person. In the beginning of this new career, it is very important to get the sales closed as much as possible to gain confidence and motivation, if we face disappointment due to rejections we feel demotivated, so it is always a good option to start selling policies to your friends, as it will lead to a good Conversion rate and ultimately it will motivate you and you will enjoy working in this profession and gradually you will start earning a good amount of money.

You can even ask your friends for references join their different whatsapp groups and get contacts from those groups. Note down the contacts in your diary and start approaching them, and make sure to follow up regularly. Most of the agents do not follow up the prospects, but it is the most necessary thing in this profession. Now a days, people are educated and they know the importance of Insurance and they need a good advisor but everybody has different constraints so it is not necessary that when you approach them, they will buy immediately, but when they will have enough money to invest they will definitely buy a policy from you if you following them regularly. You don’t know when will they buy policy but you will certainly be able able to sell the policy after some time.

Other options to get clients for LIC are relatives, neighbours, office colleagues, other persons whom you meet on daily or weekly basis, like shopkeepers, milk vendor, newspaper vendor, etc.


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