Suicide Squad Deleted Some Batman Scenes During Theatrical Cuts

Suicide Squad Deleted Scenes

The movie Suicide Squad had to delete some scenes of Batman shot with Ben Affleck. The movie dropped on the big screens around four years back, but the fans are still eager to view the original perspective of the talented David Ayer. Warner Bros. had to get some shots redone to correct the editing of the movie. Though the film earned a massive $750 million all over the globe, the movie is still not one of the people’s favorites. WarnerMedia recently accepted Zack Snyder’s proposal of releasing his version of the Justice League on HBO Max. This acceptance came after several years have passed since the release of the studio version. Now that WarnerMedia has agreed, fans want it to be a little more accommodating and release Suicide Squad by Ayer.

The movie title may be the same, but the theatrical cut and the actual “Ayer Version” of the movie are poles apart. The director has been adding fuel to the fire by feeding audiences with more titbits. Now, a team member of the movie’s action department has come forward and said that Batman has a lot more scope for his role. Ben Affleck did a cameo as Batman in the film. Still, the actor’s stunt double has alleged that during the decision of final cuts, no consideration was given to their Batman scenes before omission. Richard Cetrone, the stunt double who has worked with DC every time Affleck has to play a role, was later interviewed regarding this matter. Cetrone got vocal about his expectation to see the Ayer version and gave quick examples of the scenes that could be included in it.

At present, the movie has three scenes of Batman played by Affleck. Two of those scenes are in the suit, and one is without the suit. The scene where Batman detains Will Smith playing Deadshot in front of his on-screen daughter was comparatively smaller. But the more significant scene appears when the superhero chases Joker and his girlfriend on the street. This high-speed chase began in his Batmobile, but soon the hero abandons his vehicle and jumps atop Joker’s car. To escape, Joker crashes the car in the river and runs. Both these scenes had a little more scope for elaboration and precision.

All the scenes of Batman were as little as they could get, but that could be changed if we got to see what Ayer had envisioned. Nonetheless, fans will see more of the DC and Batman-Affleck combination in the upcoming year. And as soon as Affleck comes on screen, we will also get to Cetrone doing his stunts.


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