Suicide Squad: New Looks and Cast Revealed

Suicide Squad came back in 2106 after Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice failed to impress the general viewers. Dawn of Justice received mixed reviews and did not stand up to anyone’s expectations; however, DC’s Suicide Squad packed a decent performance on the box office. Suicide Squad was a commercial hit for DC and now is all set to return with another movie. The Suicide Squad is set to be released in 2021; however, the news regarding it being a sequel to the original is yet to be confirmed.

The Suicide Squad is going to be directed and written by James Gunn. The movie will begin filming this fall.  The initial news about the original Task Force X being completely renewed proves to be wrong, as The Suicide Squad is keeping familiar faces in the movie intact.

The line of the cast that has been confirmed so far is:

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

After long 20 years of TV shows, video games, and comic books appearance finally Harley Quinn made her debut on the big screen. Margot’s role as Harley Quinn was one of the rare things that were taken well by the viewers worldwide. So it is no surprise that Margot is going to reprise her role in Birds of Prey and then in The Suicide Squad.

Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang

Even though Captain Boomerang made its first appearance as a foe to The Flash, he is now just as well known for being a part of Suicide Squad. Although he is more of a coward in the team, he is still a part of the team. Given his attitude, it is surprising that Amanda is letting him in the team instead of locking him up.

Viola Davis as Amanda Waller

Amanda Waller was the brain behind Task Force X, aka The Suicide Squad, so it is natural that she gets her role reprised. Amanda is going to be the one to oversee the Task Force X.

Idris Elba

Elba was the first member to be cast in The Suicide Squad. In the starting, he was announced to play Deadshot taking the role from Will Smith. Even though it was decided to keep the part open for Will Smith, if he wants to play the character again.

New Early Looks

Recently new early looks Harley Quinn, Joker and Deadshot’s Helmet was revealed by David Ayer. David is directing the upcoming The Suicide Squad.

The new looks of the cast went like this:

Margo Robbie’s revealed look is one of the camera test pictures taken. After Margo’s first appearance as Harley Quinn, her fanbase exploded, and she is adored by many around the world. Her look was approved generally by the Internet, and the viewers seem excited to see her reprise her role as Harley Quinn.

Leto playing Joker had a smile tattoo, but he was seen without his signature forehead tattoo. Even Ayer admitted that the tattoo was going too far.

Deadpool’s helmet seems like the one Will wore in the first movie, and is still under work.

With DC set to release Birds of Prey and then The Suicide Squad, the fans cannot help but feel excited.

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