Summer Wedding Catering: Delicious Buffet Ideas for Your Outdoor Event


Writing your wedding catering menu can be one of the most challenging parts of planning your big day, but if you want to keep your options as wide open as possible, you should consider having an outdoor reception at least once. An outdoor event space opens up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to buffet menus and spreads, letting you mix and match foods from different cultures and cuisines that would never go together indoors. Here are some great summer wedding catering Sydney ideas for your outdoor event spread to get you started!

Start with Simple Salads

Before serving main courses, start with some simple salads like fresh arugula and tomato salad or a roasted beet salad. These are easy to prepare in advance and can be tossed together quickly once your guests arrive. Use baby greens for all of these recipes so that you don’t have to worry about washing large amounts of delicate leaves; just toss them with some vinaigrette dressing, and you’re ready to go!

Have Fresh Fruits on the Table

Fresh fruits are a must at any outdoor wedding, especially if you have an abundance of them at your disposal. Not only does fruit look and taste great, but it also gives guests something to do when they’re waiting for their meals to be served or when everyone else is mingling during cocktail hour. Consider setting up small bowls of cut fruit on every table so that guests can snack as they wish.

Add a Meat Option

A buffet-style dinner would be one of the best options when it comes to wedding catering. This is one of the favourite wedding catering ideas for outdoor events because it’s so simple, and you can accommodate many different guests by providing a variety of different food options. Meat, seafood, and pasta station are always a good option for wedding buffet catering because everyone is usually able to find something they enjoy.

Don’t Forget Sides and Desserts

Just because you’re not serving dinner doesn’t mean your wedding guests won’t be hungry. Be sure to have plenty of delicious side dishes and desserts available—in addition to a nice cocktail hour spread, of course. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you might want to stick with lighter fare like salads and fruit or vegetable trays (if it’s too hot out). And don’t forget drinks! Set up a bar where people can grab their own drinks throughout the day.

Serving Hints

Whether you’re planning an indoor or outdoor event, there are some factors to consider when deciding on a buffet style. What food items do you have to serve? What is your wedding location and layout like? How will your guests move around in between courses and from table to table? The more thought goes into these factors, the easier it’ll be to decide what kind of menu will work best at your wedding.

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