Sun Glasses to Pick and Not to Pick as per your Face Type

Brands are a rage these days. Every one of us prefers to be modish and buy best quality products. We all get into dilemma while picking up things from head to toe in the market and consequently prefer to accompany near and dear ones with good taste of fashion. But is it wise to rely on anyone? Probably it is not.

There are various factors that describe things you should be choosing for yourself, be it a makeup, clothing or sunglasses like your skin tone, body type etc. Do you know the criteria for selection of glasses for yourself? Perhaps your friends too may not be aware of it.

Stay always presentable and in the process pick things to enhance your personality as right pair of glasses can not only protect your eyes but also enhance your personality, along with not being harsh on your pocket. Buy eyewear wholesale online to save some penny.

Sunglasses best for face types –

Underneath are not norms that you must follow while picking up glasses. These are just expert suggestions versed with types of glasses for your face type.

Round Shape

If your face is round, then go for glasses that visually elongate your face and dark shade glasses are recommended in the case.

Good choice for round face-

  • Aviators
  • Pointed glasses
  • Rectangular and square shaped glasses
  • Butterfly glasses
  • Wayfarers
  • Narrow bridge glasses

   Say no to following types –

  • Coloured lenses glasses
  • Round glasses
  • Geometrically shaped glasses
  • Glasses hiding your eye brow
  • Narrow frames

Square shape

Folks with almost similar face length and width are said to have square shape. Also their jaw, cheekbone and forehead are of same width and have broad as well as angular chin. Guys with straight hairline are recommended following types of glasses-

  • Coloured frame glasses
  • Frame less glasses
  • Where width of glasses is similar to width of face
  • Large glasses
  • Cat’s eye glasses
  • Aviators

Glasses type that may not look good on square faces:

  • Small, narrow and petite frames
  • Glasses wider than face
  • Square frames with shape edge and corners

Oval face-

Best pick for oval face:

  • Rectangular glasses
  • Oval types
  • Butterfly glasses
  • Cat’s eye glasses
  • Aviators

Unsuitable for oval shape:

  • Narrow frames
  • Wide glasses
  • Massive glasses
  • Glasses with sharp edges

Triangular face :

Smart pick for triangular faces:

  • Frameless glasses
  • Aviators
  • Round glasses
  • Cat’s eye glasses with transparent lenses

Clumsy pick by triangular faces :

  • Square and rectangular frames
  • Narrow and small frame glasses
  • Cat’s eye glasses with tinted-dark lenses

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