Sunglasses, watches and earrings for women

Jewelleries, bags, dresses, accessories and the list may go on but the most important question is whether the list stands complete or not. Without the right pair of shades the wardrobe will remain undoubtedly incomplete. The appropriate pair of shades can change not so interesting attire into laudable “WoW!” factor. There’s a myriad of styles out there that would look superb on almost anyone. So walking into a random store and trying out various styles is the most sought after thing to do. The unending rows of sunglasses with “varieties of varieties”, further make it the most tempting thing to do. However, instead of trying out sunglasses for women in such a random manner it would be helpful if the “sunnies” are narrowed down by face type.

An emphatic jaw is compatible with oval eyeglasses, while oval shaped faces are best complemented by bold lenses. A round shaped face would do justice to squarer sunglasses. Sunglasses for women offer a good degree of UV protection, which is effective in blocking the sun and protecting the wrinkles around your eyes.

Wristwatches: Some may be elated while some may be spell bound to know that this mechanical strap around were originally created for women. In the 1800s this object mostly served a purpose of graceful jewellery and not as a mechanism to tell time. Trivia: the 1912 Cartier watch Princess Orlov of Russia featured a diamond bezel with a pearl, onyx and rose-cut diamond strap. However, there was an attendant to keep track of her time. At present, watches for women have again returned to the slim looks without the glitter of the precious stones of course. Even though the market share for the low end upscale traditional watches are dwindling due to the advent of smart watches , the global market for luxury watches for women dipped a little compared to 2015. Moreover, as life becomes quite demanding, keeping track of time becomes all the more important to make every second count. At the beach, in the swimming pool, in a meeting, cheering at your daughters’ football match, wherever you are required to be a watch is something that shouldn’t be done away with.

A statement with jewellery could be easily made with a pair of earrings. Underscoring the details with emphatic conclusive look, earrings take your attire to the next level. Earrings take the least effort and space in your closet yet has the ability to amplify your fashion statement. Earrings have one common denominator i.e. to transform the look n’ feel, irrespective of its variety and without amassing more fashion accessories. Thus, for expanding the jewellery collection earrings are the perfect objects to start with. Most recently the rules for earrings for women have been broken. You don’t have to wear matching pair of earrings, extra piercing is no more required, the “crawler” type gives an impression that you have extra piercings. Whether asymmetrical hoop earrings or brooches, layered pieces or chandelier earrings, bold statements or vintage looks, undoubtedly, there’s a wide variety to choose from. So what will be your fashion ensemble entail?

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