Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: New Update brings Piranha Plant and Multiplayer mode for Spirit Board

Nintendo has been providing patches and updates for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on regular bases, and continuing this trend Nintendo has rolled out its latest 2.00 update for the title.

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With some tweaks and adjustments for the existing fighters in the game, this new 2.00 update has also introduced a new Piranha Plant fighter and has included a multiplayer mode for the Spirit Board.

This new Piranha Plant character is the first DLC fighter accessible for the fans, and interestingly players would not require paid Fighter Pass to grab on to this new character.

Users who have registered with My Nintendo while purchasing the game can acquire the Piranha Plat for free in the DLC, but if any player has not registered yet, then they won’t receive this new fighter.

Still, it is expected that after the end of this month, Piranha Plant would be available as a paid DLC for all the fans who missed the chance to receive this poisonous character.

As in the Tweet posted by the Nintendo, Piranha Plant would be piping up in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a new playable DLC fighter and players across the globe should brace their flowerpots for battling out with this poisonous powerhouse.

They also specified that Piranha Plant is a free bonus character for all the players who registered with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and have redeemed their user code before 31st January.

In this new update a significant change is also observed in the offline Spirit Board mode, as previously only one player could play this mode but after the 2.00 update, a total of four players can play together in the offline Spirit Board mode.

Adding additional players is quite simple and requires selecting the Party option from where choose the Fighter button and enter the number of players. The critical aspect of the game is to make sure of surviving in the game as once Knocked out; the game would end their itself.

After the update gamers would not be able to view the replays of their gameplay, so make assure to store the replays in video format to preserve the data that you may wish to see later or use for streaming.

It is expected that soon Nintendo would also release paid DLC characters for players to improve in the gameplay and in-game interactions.

Although the first paid character that is expected to be included is the Joker from the Persona 5, still according to the sources it is believed that fans would have to wait for 2020 to experience any such paid characters in the game.

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