Superior-Grade Assembly SPM: UMR Technology

At UMR Technology, our dedication and technical expertise equip you with the necessary tools to face the increasingly challenging requirements of productivity. Whether you are looking at custom machine design or develop automated machines, our uniquely qualified experts can help you along the way.

The deployment of the fabricated metals is done in several different segments that include the automotive industry, building of the product, building machinery, transport machinery and other metal-based hardware. The process of manufacturing these metals requires the extreme use of the machine tools like press brakes. Therefore, this growth in the demand for the fabricated metals eventually boosts the growth of the Special Purpose Machine.

These special purpose machines (SPM) are either cam operated machine or they use hydraulics & pneumatics as actuating elements or combination of all the three of them. Many times, a dedicated programmable logic controller is used in conjunction with positional sensors & transducers, to give commands to the actuating elements sometimes different special motors like stepper motor & servo motors are used as actuating element. The productivity achieved after all these efforts is very high. However, to fetch the fruits of these highly specialized machines the pre-condition is that the input to the automatic machine must have strict quality control.

We have conceptualized, designed & developed assembly lines for automotive parts equipped with conveyor and various special purpose machines like bearing & oil seal fitting, metered greasing. We have mastered in offering our customers with the superior-grade Assembly SPM. 

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