Supplementing for Endurance Athletes

A balanced diet provides all the necessary nutrients the body needs. By eating whole foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals as well as adding other nutrients to your diet, you can have a healthy body. However, these diets have been drafted for the normal human body. These types of diets often fail to meet the requirements of athletes.

Research shows that athletes deplete minerals, vitamins and enzymes faster than people who do not follow a regular workout routine. The recommended intake of these supplements is not enough to get optimal results from workouts and recover quickly. Therefore, recovery supplements for endurance athletes are a big necessity. (Information source:

Where the balanced diet fails:

The recommended daily intake of nutrients and whole foods is drafted to prevent deficiencies. These diets do not consider the nutrients required for high performance athletes.

Further, passing through the various stages and processes like storage, shipping and processing, wholefoods tend to lose their valuable nutrients. By the time the food is consumed, it does not possess the amount of nutrients it is supposed to. The nutrients obtained from the food is also not absorbed completely by the body.

All these factors combined, the body fails to receive the recommended amount of nutrients. When this is the case for sedentary people, endurance athletes can in no way receive their required levels through a balanced diet.

Endurance Athletes and Recovery:

Athletes take part in highly demanding physical activities, which means they need higher amounts of nutrients to keep their body active. For endurance athletes, the requirements become even higher when their muscles are recovering. Without proper nutrients, their muscles and other body parts will not recover quickly. This may hamper their performance.

Again, since athletes take part in physically-challenging activities, their body is more prone to injuries and illnesses. Athletes need nutrition to boost their immunity and prevent them from falling prey to ailments. The supplements will also support the body in recovering from injuries.

Supplement Program for Endurance Athletes:

For endurance athletes to meet the required higher nutrients their bodies need, it is essential that they stick to a continuous, long-term supplement program. A high-nutrient diet with a comprehensive supplement program will ensure overall health and boost their athletic performance. Every athlete should customise a supplement program that caters to their specific health, training and other personal needs.

When drafting the program, you should be careful that you include both essential and recovery supplements for endurance athletes. Recovery supplements will aid muscles and allow them to recover faster. With a necessary supplement program, you will be able to train harder and see better results.

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