Support Initiative in Gilead for Helping African American HIV Patients

Approximately, about 14% of the total population in the United States of America comprises of African Americans/black Americans. It is no hidden fact that African Americans are treated with disgrace and disrespect in many parts of the country. You have read a million stories and seen terrible images that float on the Internet about the discrimination that the people belonging to the community have to deal with on a daily bases. In all of this, the added problem in the life of many American citizens is Gilead HIV. If you want to know that statistics of HIV positive African Americans in the country, click here.

Life is not as easy as it seems to be for the rest of you. The discrimination with HIV positive patients have been going on for many years now. It is gradually going away from our lives, but there are still many people who are dealing with the problem. The worst is to witness how people are asked to leave their families and stay separately. Or how society reacts towards the people affected by stigma HIV. If you are under the myth that people actually welcome and accept patients of HIV, you should go and see the facts that many people face in South America. Most of the population here is of the African Americans and they are not living the best of their life. Whenever they are trying to do something good for their own, they are pulled down by white Americans.

But let us not just focus on the negative side of society and talk about people who are working for the betterment of African Americans. If you haven’t yet heard about this group that we’ll be telling you about today, it’s time you get in touch with them to help them break the myth about HIV. To know more, click

Gilead COMPASS Initiative® is working with a mission to break all the barriers and myths that society holds about HIV/AIDS. The initiative started off years ago and has done great things for the people living in the southern United States. They provide funds, shelter, medicine to NGO and individuals who are in need to get treatment for HIV. If you know of someone who is in need or if you run an NGO for HIV affected people, you can get in touch with them to get support for a good cause. Visit here to check their programs.

About Gilead COMPASS Initiative®:

Gilead COMPASS Initiative® is one of the greatest foundations to work for African Americans HIV patients in the country.

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