Surgical simulators shaping the healthcare industry

Simulators have reserved a special space in the healthcare industry. Students and professionals can train and educate themselves in real-time through modern surgical interventions by utilizing advanced simulation technology. 


Surgical simulatorshave been in the simulation game for quite a long and they can range from simple suture practice to advanced robotic simulators for an entire team of surgeons. The admiration of these simulators in the industry is significant because of thorough hands-on training leading to a decrease in medical errors and lethal infection rates. 


A state-of-art virtual surgery simulatorexists for the speciality fields of Laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery. The simulators help in educating the students and gain mastery through cloud-based learning where the professor can actually look at the results. The real-time challenge, haptic feedback, and high-fidelity have changed the face of simulation in the healthcare industry. 


As healthcare expenditures are on a steady increase, healthcare delivery will be upgraded as per the emerging technologies. According to research, the expenditure is expected to increase at 5.4 percent through 2022, touching the mark of $10 trillion.  


The Laparoscopic simulator, Lap X Hybrid, by Sandor, is a unique simulator that combines the functions of virtual reality and a box trainer. This surgical simulator allows the user to train on different virtual reality modes at different modules. The training simulator gives trainees a better idea of the patients’ needs and concerns because of the quick feedback feature available on simulators. This results to be a beneficial experience as a person learns better if he/she gets the feedback of where they are lacking.   


Sandor’s simulation portfolio facilitates the growth of critical thinking skills in a user-friendly environment where the professionals can flourish or just polish their skills to increase efficiency and quality of service patients expect out of a professional. 


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