Surprise and Delight: You Don’t Need a Holiday to Find a Reason to Celebrate

The absence of a holiday or enduring celebration shouldn’t temper your giving spirit. Gift-giving can communicate care and affection for special people in your life or strengthen a bond with a loved one.

UntitledResearch has shown that the act of giving can help cultivate stronger personal connections between family and friends far beyond the material value of the gift itself. There are even evolutionary forces behind gift-giving. Anthropologists have found that historically, the most generous men had more success finding a partner and that women with a penchant for gift-giving were better able to sustain the family unit.

And while receiving a gift is always lovely, one of the most significant benefits of giving might fall to the person doing the act: Giving a gift can generate pleasure on its own and reinforce feelings of caring and connection.

Skin care products are some of the most popular and universal gifts for men and women of all ages, and they are perfect for that “surprise and delight” moment.

Spa Gift Set

Is there someone in your life who deserves a quiet, relaxing night? If so, a spa gift set makes an ideal gift. Whether you want to express gratitude to a loved one, a customer, or just brighten someone’s day, this gesture is the right balance of thoughtfulness and simplicity.

Spa gift sets often come with an array of hand and body lotions, shower gels, bath accessories, and relaxation bundles in soft fragrances that are sure to please. Look for gift sets that offer a combination of products such as hand lotion, body cream, and shower gel, as well as practical items we could all use such as a pumice stone and mesh bath sponge.

Ultra-moisturizing body lotion is an excellent addition to a thoughtful spa gift set, particularly when it’s made made with sustainably sourced sweet almond oil. This hydrating ingredient eases the aging process and helps reduce the appearance of scarring or stretch marks. Make sure the lotion is also made with a vegan formula and is gluten-free. Incorporating a body cream in a light fragrance the recipient would enjoy is sure to add delight to any surprise.

Bath Gift Set

Is there anything more relaxing than a nice bath? Give the gift of self-care with bath gift sets. Look for one that comes with hand lotion samples, face creams, vitamin E lotion, and bath soaks to help relax the recipient by calming their body and mind.

Men can enjoy the same luxury as women with specially crafted moisturizing products. An ideal relaxing gift set should include cleansing gels, hand creams, and shower gels in fragrances that are appealing, such as spearmint and oriental spice.

There doesn’t need to be a reason or holiday around the corner for you to give a gift to the men in your life. For a present he’s sure to enjoy, look for gift sets that include essential skin care products such as moisturizing skin cream made with pure vegetable glycerine and sweet almond oil; hand and shower gel that offers luxurious moisture and light fragrances; and lip balm made with cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, and beeswax for soothing moisture.

Glycerine Lotion

Gifting a high-quality glycerine lotion is another way to communicate care and create a meaningful surprise and delight moment. Look for a glycerine lotion that contains vitamin E and aloe vera for natural moisture as these ingredients are excellent for restoring dry, cracked skin.

When looking for a high-performing glycerine product, seek one out that is made with an herbal complex that promotes skin health. Another nourishing component to look out for is plant-derived, food-grade glycerine to moisturize and protect even the most sensitive skin.

Gift sets are a great way to create a meaningful moment for those special people in your life. You don’t need to wait for the next holiday or birthday, the act of giving is an opportunity to strengthen connections year-round.

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