Surrogacy for Gay Couples in Cyprus: What You Need to know about?

Despite of no regulations in regards to surrogacy, Cyprus still stands as one of the most affordable European nations to apply for assisted reproductive technology is Cyprus (ART). Moreover, Cyprus has been regarded as one of the perfect places for intended couples, homosexual couples, and single parents who desired to expand their family via surrogacy in Cyprus.

Here, the Gametes Donation and sex-selection are totally controlled. Most nations that forbid sex selection lack this kind of legislation regulation that is tailored to the requirements of the intended partners.

Additionaly all planned family models from across the world should consider moving to this country because of its affordable cost and enforceable legislation regarding assisted reproductive technology.

Surrogacy Agency in Cyprus

Surrogacy Laws in Cyprus

• Most of the surrogacy agencies accept and transfer embryos in accordance with the legislation because Cyprus lacks a strong regulatory framework for the surrogacy program and permits embryo transfer to a surrogate without any legal difficulties.

• Moreover, any arrangement with your surrogate is not legally enforceable, much like in the UK and Australia. The intended couples’ and the surrogate mother’s agreement, or surrogacy contract, is invalid and unenforceable in court.

• However, all parties involved with the Cyprus Surrogacy Agency must concur on the parameters of the law, the available alternatives for treatment, and the accompanying costs.

• The child here is regarded as the legal kid of the intended parents and the surrogate mother if the surrogate mother is single and delivers a surrogate child. Legal custody and parentage of a child are established in these situations either voluntarily or by a court decision.

• The surrogate mother must provide her approval since she is considered to be the child’s natural mother; this does not take into consideration the child’s genetic makeup or the will of the intended parents. Intended parents still need to take care of the surrogate mother cost in Cyprus.

• The surrogate mother may disclose her desire to give up motherhood and allow the intended prospective partners to adopt the kid after three months of the child’s birth.

• The intended couples become the baby’s legal parents upon adoption under the law. The prospective parents cannot claim the kid and will unavoidably lose their child if the surrogate decides to keep the child by herself and refuses to give up her legal motherhood (under Cyprus Adoption Law 19(1)/1995) at least three months after birth.

• Local heterosexual couples have the opportunity to filing an adoption appeal with the court under the Cyprus surrogacy agreement.

Gay surrogacy in Cyprus: The legal implications

Neither gay nor straight couples are subject to any special regulations that govern surrogacy in Cyprus. The legal procedures and surrogacy procedure are the same whether you are a straight or gay partner. So, you can easily opt for surrogacy for gay couples in Cyprus without any legal issues.

All you need to do here is find the best surrogacy agency offering surrogacy for 2 dads in Cyprus. The Top infertility clinics in Cyprus will finds you the perfect surrogate mother and takes you through the process of realizing your goal of becoming a parent.

The wonderful thing about surrogacy for gay couples in Cyprus is that even if you are a same sex couples, you will treated equally in the eyes of law and society. To participate in a surrogacy program in Cyprus or any other location for gay surrogacy, it is strongly advised that you seek the assistance of an agency.

This way, you can avoid falling in wrong hands while further going along with your aspirations regarding surrogacy for 2 dads in Cyprus without any hassles.

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