Surrogacy for HIV in Colombia: Reach Out to Your Motherhood Dreams with Care!

Surrogacy for HIV in Colombia is a sheer possibility in the wake of recent innovations in the field of medical sciences. Still, we must add that the couples or individuals have to undergo numerous tests and diagnosis in order to ensure that no virus is transported to any of the involved parties within the surrogacy program.

How an HIV infected person can pursue surrogacy in Colombia?

While surrogacy laws in Colombia don’t put through any guidelines that prohibit an HIV positive person to pursue surrogacy, one has to be extra cautious and careful in the same regards. Moreover, HIV-positive people must adhere to a strict medication schedule to stop the virus from rising above an imperceptible level in their bloodstream. Besides, to ensure a healthy pregnancy, the doctor must be informed of the plans and prescribe the appropriate course of action.

On the other side, the virus can be isolated in a variety of ways, not just during pregnancy, depending on the source of transmission.

How an HIV infected male pursue surrogacy for HIV in Colombia?

The sperm washing technique is undoubtedly the best way for the male individuals to check through the virus load. Using this method, sperm samples are collected and separated from other components. Up until this point, every test has been successful in the same way. We can therefore draw the conclusion that this collaborative effort can lead to healthy HIV pregnancies with the help and support of best surrogacy agency in Colombia. On the other hand, for fertilization to occur, the surrogate mother’s menstruation cycle must be hormonally controlled to match the DNA of both parents.

On the other side, the quality of the pregnant woman’s genetic material, the patient’s immunity, and seminal washing are the factors that influence the procedure.

Similar to those in a typical pregnancy, the second through fourth steps are also present. Seminograms, psychological evaluations, blood tests, and analyses of recent diseases are just a few of the tests that must be completed as part of the process by the surrogacy agency in Colombia

How a female must approach the same process?

The process works more or less similar for the men and women. The moment an individual is diagnosed with HIV, they must begin taking medication. On the other side, in the female population, the risk of infection for the baby can be decreased by up to 20%.

Hence, specific safety measures must be taken by a woman to protect her unborn child from the virus:

• When the male partner isn’t HIV positive, IVF must be used for fertilization.

• Pregnancy must be planned in advance with the help of medical professionals in order for the disease process to remain stable and show no recent changes that could affect the health of the pregnancy.

• When you find out you’re pregnant, you should strictly follow your doctor’s advice. There is no way to change variables that might interfere with the fetus’s typical development.

• You must undergo an accurate diagnosis of HIV.

• Psychological testing, blood and uterine analysis, hormonal assessments, and hysterosalpingography will be required.

How to go about it if both partners are HIV infected?

• Seropositive couples should be aware that in order to guarantee a risk-free pregnancy, they must strictly follow the doctor’s instructions. Besides, the use of assisted reproductive technologies is the most effective method of conception.

• Seminal washing for men is the procedure designed to ensure that genetic material is transferred without causing any negative effects.

• If the treating physician is aware of the patient’s potential for pregnancy and has the authority to accept or reject the plan, communication with the physician is essential for the welfare of both parties.

• Additionally, the HIV control must be consistent for a sizable period of time before choosing surrogacy for HIV in Colombia.

All Colombian surrogacy agencies are unable to administer for HIV-positive pregnancies. This is where the couple or individual needs to look for a reputable Colombian surrogacy clinic to consult with. Moreover, to avoid affecting the people around, the person must internalize the importance of empathy.

Final words

Thanks to the medical technology, HIV positive people who wanted to start a family can now do so with the help and support of a trusted surrogacy clinic. Still, being an intended parent, you must put through your footsteps while taking all the required precautions and considering surrogacy laws in Colombia.

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