Surrogacy in Canada: How to make an Informed Approach?

An exciting and joyous time can come with baby planning. However, for some people, such as the 16% of Canadians who are experiencing infertility or same-sex couples, it may be stressful. Because of this, many would-be parents have a challenging time starting families.

Fortunately, surrogacy in Canada provides an additional path to parenthood. That said, a common arrangement in surrogacy involves a procedure where a surrogate mother in Canada will give birth to the child on behalf of the intended parents. There are significant legal, financial, emotional, physical, and COVID-19-related considerations, just like with any significant milestone. That said, here’s how to investigate your options before you set out on your journey.

The distinction between gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy in Canada

Traditional and gestational surrogacy is the two types of surrogacy practiced in Canada. Talking about the traditional surrogacy, it includes the process of inseminating the surrogate mother with the sperm of the intended father.

Here, the surrogate mother will be sharing biological connection with the future child. Although it is a form of low cost surrogacy in Canada, it is not preferred by most of the people around.

On the other hand, gestational surrogacy uses eggs that are not related to the surrogate. You, your spouse, or an egg donor is all potential sources. Besides, the surrogate in a gestational surrogacy has no biological connection to the child.

Compared to gestational surrogacy, traditional surrogacy is typically quicker and less expensive. But as a less risky alternative, many couples pick gestational surrogacy in Canada.

Surrogacy in Canada

Why gestational surrogacy is more beneficial?

According to numerous experts, gestational surrogacy is also beneficial given a lesser chance of surrogate mother changing her mind during the course of the surrogacy arrangement. Additionally, the chances of a court granting her access or custody if she later changes her mind are much lower than if she were the child’s biological mother.

On the other hand, Altruistic surrogacy includes both traditional and gestational surrogacy. In other words, you only pay the surrogate for pregnancy-related expenses in terms of surrogate mother cost in Canada.

How does commercial surrogacy work in Canada?

If the surrogate is paid directly for her services, commercial surrogacy will come into picture. The surrogate in this instance receives more than a simple cost reimbursement. Still, being an intended parent, it’s crucial to remember that commercial surrogacy is prohibited in Canada.

What does surrogacy cost in Canada?

Surrogacy in Canada is literally a significant and life-changing event, both financially and emotionally, for the intended parents. Additionally, surrogacy can require a sizable financial outlay. Moreover with cost effective services in Canada, you may not get a option for low cost surrogacy in Canada.

Still, being an intended parent, you must connect with a surrogacy agency that is offering you best and most reasonably priced surrogacy plan, right according to your specific requirements.

But there isn’t really a budget that works for everyone. This is due to the fact that a large portion of those costs typically stem from unpredictable medical expenses. So, if your first IVF cycle is successful, your costs might be lower than usual. Besides, you may have to pay more than usual if you require an egg donor or multiple rounds of IVF.

On the other side, you should also budget for expenses associated with the surrogate mother cost in Canada. That might include items like Maternity clothing, prescription drugs, prenatal vitamins, travel expenses, daycare, and lost wages compensation.

Finally, you should consider hiring advisors. An attorney who specializes in family law, a financial advisor, and possibly a surrogacy agency can all help you feel secure throughout the process.

Final words

Going for surrogacy in Canada is always the ideal choice. Yet, you must take an informed decision while keeping all the above mentioned pointers into consideration.

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