Susan Henry Blackburn LCSW: Professional Life Coach Sarasota

Life brings with it numerous challenges. Sometimes it is quite easy to tackle these challenges and build a better future. But sometimes you are crippled with nervousness or are directionless to determine which path will be the best for you. And in times like these, a professional life coach Sarasota can be a huge help. Now if you don’t know who a life coach is, we have got you covered.

To explain in brief, a life coach is a professional who will help you understand your current life situation and assist you in choosing the right path for your life. A life coach will not make the decisions on your behalf; instead, they will help you understand your choices, helping you make a clear judgment and decide. If you are wondering when you will need a life coach, here are a few signs to look for:

  • Extensive stress and irritability
  • Unsatisfactory social life
  • Difficulty to break old and bad habits
  • Stuck in a negative life pattern
  • The feeling of blocked creativity

If you have been experiencing such signs in your daily life you might want to contact a professional and experienced life coach such as Susan Henry Blackburn, LCSW.

Susan Henry Blackburn, LCSW is a professional, certified and experienced life coach that has helped many individuals of all age groups to make better life choices. She has worked as an LCSW social worker for more than 30 years and during that time she has interacted with people from all different walks of life.

This has allowed her to closely understand how people tackle different situations in their life and react to them. This experience makes her the perfect choice for a life coach. She will be able to show you different perspectives of your current life situation and how you can best tackle it.

Susan Henry Blackburn, LCSW is not only a professional life coach but also a licensed mental health professional who can work with teens and adults to treat mental health issues. Moreover, she is also a certified marriage facilitator providing efficient marriage counseling Sarasota to couples.

You can also approach Susan Henry Blackburn, LCSW for advice on parenting and establishing stepfamilies. Due to her experience as a clinical social worker, she can connect with people easily. So, whether you want to connect with her for life coaching or relationship advice, she will be glad to be of help.

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