Sushi Lovers Guide: The 5 Best Places to Enjoy Sushi in Singapore

Looking for the best sushi places in Singapore? Lucky for you, there are lots of them across the island but sussing out the best of the best can get quite difficult!

In our opinion, the best sushi places should have great customer service, remarkable food presentation, and of course, a commitment to serving only the freshest ingredients.

With these criteria in mind, we did the legwork for you and made a short rundown of the best sushi places for every sushi lover in Singapore! Remember these dining spots the moment your Japanese food cravings hit.


Let’s kick things off with one of the most popular Japanese restaurants in Singapore: Akashi.

From amazing customer service to great dining ambience, Akashi has everything we’re looking for in a sushi restaurant. You’ll find all sorts of sushi here as well, at prices that won’t break the bank.

It’s hard to look away from sushi dishes that taste just as good as the ones served at fancy, high-end Japanese restaurants, without the heavy price tag. In line with Japanese traditions, all ingredients and seafood used are fresh and air-flown directly to Singapore daily.

Should you find yourself dining at Akashi, make sure to order salmon belly aburi sushi and the reverse California rolls. These two in particular are part of the reason why we keep coming back here!



Helmed by Chef Tatsuya Wakuda, one of Australia’s most renowned chefs, Wakuda serves some of the most interesting sushi dishes on the island. It’s known for merging traditional and modern Japanese traditions, providing diners with a unique gastronomic experience.

If you’re in the mood for some nigiri and chirashi, the range of fresh fish here surely won’t disappoint you. Wakuda has lean tuna meat, tuna belly with medium and supreme fat, wild flounder, wild sea bream, and many more.

Wakuda serves lobster, braised sea eel, and wagyu sushi too, that is if you want to experiment with your palate a bit.

Just a friendly reminder to prepare your wallets when dining here because the prices can get quite crazy!

Ki Sho

Looking for a sushi place that’s perfect for social gatherings? There may be no better place for group hangouts than Ki Sho!

Ki Sho is known for adding a touch of artistry to every sushi dish, so it takes the top spot when it comes to food presentation if you ask us. Add this to their exclusive dining space and top-notch customer service and you have a memorable dining experience.

Although Ki Sho is more expensive than most sushi restaurants in Singapore, every dish is worth your money. For context, a nine-course dinner omakase set can cost up to $380 per person, without service charges!

To maximise your Ki Sho experience, we recommend complementing your sushi with drinks! You can choose from a wide selection of carafe, premium sake, and juyondai.

En Sushi

Another great option if you’re looking for a sushi place with a cosy atmosphere and amazing food is En Sushi.

En Sushi works with local Japanese farmers in order to provide diners with top-rate sushi and seafood dishes made from fresh and sustainably sourced ingredients. Best of all, everything is economically priced!

From hamachi and tuna belly to tobiko and akami, you can have a feast here with all types of sushi and sashimi and still have enough money for some drinks!

If those still aren’t enough, then you can order some non-sushi dishes like chicken katsu rice, Hamburg don, and foie gras yaki. Our personal favourites are the sliced beef steak and the salmon fish head miso!


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