Sustain Robust Protection For Your Favorite Device with Kaspersky Cloud Antivirus

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Virus protection now has become a crucial factor for every digital device that frequently runs through the internet connection. When it comes to the best Free Antivirus Software, Kaspersky is one of the prominent names that come to mind. Kaspersky Lab has designed a multitude of security products for both home and enterprise usage. It has recently launched a security product for home users who want essential protection for their device for absolutely free of cost. The name of the product is Kaspersky Security Cloud Free and it is readily available for download on the official website of Kaspersky Security.

Functional Features:

Unlike traditional AV software, Kaspersky Free Security Cloud Software has based one cloud-server security. Since it is a cloud-based program, the detection rate of malware is 100% accurate. In fact, cloud security further intensifies the functional aspects of the overall features offered by the program. They are-

  • Antivirus:

The cloud-operated scan programs diagnose the entire system to detect malicious contents such as malware, spyware, adware, ransomware and other types of viruses, Soon after detection, the antivirus diminishes all the corrupted files from the system and assures safety against hypothetical threats.

  • Vulnerability Detection:

The cloud-intelligence executes behavioral analysis of the entire system and finds out ailing areas of the system. It sends recovery tools to the subjected area and takes restorative measures to cure the infections before the hackers take advantage of the security hole. It also looks after the applications that need manual updates and notifies the user to take adequate action to depreciate the issue.

  • PUA shield:

The behavioral analysis detects the suspicious activities of the PUA files and blocks their actions to stop such malfunctions within the system to assure users’ privacy.


  • Cyber Protection:

Like any other programs of Kaspersky antivirus, the cloud security also features powerful browser security that blocks harmful and fraud websites before the users launch them on the browser. It also keeps the users’ identity and their bank and card details hidden from the prying eyes of cyber intruders when they surf through one website to another. Cyber protection ensures anti-phishing, anti-spam, and anti-Identity-Theft.

  • Multi-layered CloudVault:

Malware like Ransomware tends to seize the important files of the users and sometimes the entire system through encryption attacks and demands gratification money from users. Kaspersky Free Cloud Security lets the users protect their sensitive files and data by keeping them in a password protected multi-layered cloud vault. Thus the important data will be protected from ransomware attacks as well as from the hands of intruders.

  • Password Manager:

The cloud server also keeps all passwords belonging to various users’ accounts highly protected. It also automatically fills the password in the place while users login to their accounts. The passwords manager simply assures that users never miss a password and any prying hand can never have access over them.

  • Strong Firewall and VPN:

The Strong firewall keeps the home network protected from the botnet attacks and also restricts the unknown networks from fetching sensitive information illegitimately. The best VPN keeps the users’ virtual location hidden and lets them import and export data through the encrypted protected channel so that no cyber intruder can monitor their online activities by tracing their online location.

  • System Cleaner:

While eliminating the viruses, the periodical scanner also discovers junk files, duplicate items, internet caches, and other undesirable files that unnecessarily occupy the system storage and cause issues like system lags and over-heating. The system cleaner instantly removes such files and frees extra space which further aids the optimization of the CPU by reducing RAM load. With regular optimization, the performance speed gets enhanced and users can perform multiple tasks on the device without facing system slowdowns.

Kaspersky has own regards from plenty of global users and tech experts. Thousands of positive reviews on its protection has made Kaspersky one of the best free antivirus software in the market. Apart from being free of cost, the program is a multi-compatible and multi-platform supportive application. The interface if the application is a straightforward approach and it is programmed to receive automatic security updates. The easefulness of use and supreme defensive features unquestionably makes Kaspersky Free Cloud Security a champion product. People who are looking for maximum protection in a free edition should consider using Kaspersky once.

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