How to Switch from one to the other Outlook Email Profile?

(Kindly note that the information given in this article applies to only the specific versions of Outlook, which are Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. For making the same enable in any other version, it is requested to contact Outlook Support number and get an instant help from the certified technicians.)

Microsoft Outlook is one of the popularly used email applications with a number of other uses. The Outlook email profile comprises of several email accounts, information about the storage details of the email accounts, and data files. You can also switch from one to the other Outlook email profile and this article will provide you complete information on the same.


The article will provide you steps for the same assuming that you are utilizing multiple Outlook profiles. We will also provide you information on how to make a profile default. Check out the steps below:

(User using the multiple profiles can configure the Outlook to make an email profile default or to get prompted for choosing the email profile every time you open the Outlook program. For switching from one Outlook profile to the other, all you need to do is change the email accounts and their relevant settings that are there in the current Outlook session. Please note that you cannot enable this switch while the application is running.)

1. Quit Outlook

2. Open the Control Panel, double-click or click the Mail

a. Mail displays in different Control Panel locations depending on the Windows operating system version and also the Outlook version installed on your computer system

b. You can locate it easily by opening up the Control Panel in Windows and then searching the Mail in the search bar

3. Now, click Show Profiles

4. Click Prompt for a profile to be used or Always use this profile available under When Starting Microsoft Outlook, use this profile

a. Select the former if you want to choose a different email profile every time you use the Outlook

b. However, if you want to set an email account as default then go with the latter one

5. As the Outlook starts, hit the profile that you want to use in the Profile Name list

6. It’s done!

For setting up a default Outlook profile, follow these instructions:

1. Click the profile you want to be as the default one by clicking over Choose Profile in the Profile Name list

2. Click Options

3. Now choose the Set as default profile check box under Options

If you still face any trouble, contact Outlook toll-free number and a technician will be glad to assist you!

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