Sylvanas’ war crimes – World of Warcraft Introduction

In World of Warcraft, especially on the continent of Azeroth, “war crimes” is a very vague concept. Garrosh Hellscream was tried for war crimes, but the game did not deal with similar laws, and everyone was just disgusted with his actions.

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In fact, if Azeroth really produces the concept of war crimes, then about 85% of the players will be dragged into the fantasy Hague for crime. In order to complete the task, the normal behavior of the players has violated countless laws, which include necromancy, burning people alive, mind control, and kidnapping children from one population so that another native population can raise them in a different culture.

So in World of Warcraft’s 8.2.5 patch, you will see the fantasy storyline. When Sylvanas exposed his nature and left, what kind of punishment would the Horde members who had supported Sylvanas? The current Horde leaders came up with an amazing idea: as long as they apologize and say that they are now loyal to the tribe, their crimes will be completely forgiven and people will selectively forget about it.

Understandably, designers don’t want to show the fantasy Nuremberg Trials in World of Warcraft. However, it is clear that the rehabilitation method used by this third-grade teacher does not apply to a complex multi-layered government.

There are still many plots in the battle of Azeroth waiting to be resolved and supplemented. If the pre-launch Warbringers shorts are any indication, Sylvanas may be the final boss of Patch 8.3, just like Jaina and Azshara before her. Tyrande Whisperwind is still out in Kalimdor, juiced up on moon goddess energy and mad as hell. BlizzCon also Kicks off in November, and Sylvanas is the Warcraft keynote character. We’ll definitely learn more about Patch 8.3, and maybe even the next expansion.

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