Symptoms of Kidney Cancer

A fully functioning kidney is responsible for filtering waste from your blood and create urine. It is also responsible for controlling blood pressure and create blood cells, among other things.
The kidney cancer symptoms will first show up in your urine or your lower back. Even though your body is fully capable of functioning on one kidney only, a tumour growth can impede its day-to-day functionality. Therefore, identifying these symptoms as early as possible can help you get the treatment before more damage is done.
According to an Experienced Nephrologist in Lucknow, kidney cancer is one of the most common cancers in both men and women. What makes it deadlier is the fact that the symptoms don’t show up until the later stages, especially people in 60 years of age.
Here are some of the symptoms you should tell your doctor immediately if you want to detect cancer at an early stage.
Blood in the urine
This is the first and the most common tell-tale sign in people suffering from kidney cancer. Even a small amount of blood can make your urine appear pinkish or brownish. Don’t overlook this symptom if the appearance of blood is inconsistent. Sometimes, the amount of blood is so less that it only shows up in the urinalysis. However, blood in urine is not always kidney cancer. It can also indicate towards kidney infection, kidney stones, cysts etc. It is always better to tell your doctor and take their opinion.

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