Vergrabe keine Sexpuppen im Boden

Das innere Skelett der Sexpuppe ermoeglicht es ihr zu kaempfen Wenn sie sich streitete, waren ihre großen, zitternden Brüste sehr attraktiv. Die inneren Knochen der liebespuppen ermöglichen es ihr, zu kämpfen, zu springen und sich auf alle lästigen Charaktere vorzubereiten. Sie ist immer bestens auf den Kampf vorbereitet, bevor sie ins Bett geht. Mit weißen Haaren und […]

LG signs Android licensing agreement with Microsoft

Microsoft is playing everything that has to do with the smartphone market. On the one hand, with the launch of countless Windows Phones devices in alliance with companies like Nokia, the Redmond giant is fighting hard in the market. But on the other hand, the company has seen Android (Yes, Android, Google’s) a gold mine. kissanime […]

Skyray Games

Skyray Games is a mobile games publishing studio across the globe. Our mission is to publish fun, entertaining games that are played by people all over the world.

Skyray Capital

Skyray Capital is a startup venture firm, we partner with exceptional founders with unique insights, from inception through all phases of growth.

Best Digital Marketing Agency in Gurgaon

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Instagram’s handling of kids’ data is now being probed in the EU

Facebook’s lead data regulator in Europe has opened another two probes into its business empire — both focused on how the Instagram platform processes children’s information. The action by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC), reported earlier by the Telegraph, comes more than a year after a US data scientist reported concerns to Instagram that its […]

How to make your data sing

Stop reporting absolute numbers and put your data into context with ratios to engage your stakeholders with the smaller, but important, data points. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article. Marketing Land – Internet Marketing News, Strategies & Tips

Twitter updates policy on sharing hacked data after ‘NY Post’ mess

The disputed New York Post story about Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, may be a dud, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t hit Twitter hard.  Twitter’s decision Wednesday to prevent users from tweeting and direct messaging the URL to a controversial story about the former vice president’s son forced an apparent reckoning at […]

Facebook EU-US data transfer complaint: Schrems gets a judicial review of the Irish DPC’s procedure

Another twist in a multi-year complaint saga related to the legality of Facebook’s data transfers: European privacy campaigner Max Schrems has today been granted a judicial review of the Irish regulator’s handling of his complaint. He’s expecting the hearing to take place before the end of the year — and is hoping the action will, […]

If data is labor, can collective bargaining limit big tech?

Erik Rind Contributor Erik Rind is the CEO of ImagineBC and an expert in understanding the largely untapped potential that blockchain and AI technologies bring forward in order to help secure user’s data. Matt Prewitt Contributor Share on Twitter Matt Prewitt is president of RadicalxChange Foundation. He is also an attorney and a blockchain industry […]