How to Build a Business You Can Run From Anywhere

As indie entrepreneurs, sometimes all it takes is a little travel break to remind us why we started our business in the first place. Travel is amazing for inspiration and perspective. It would be terrible to make a business that doesn’t allow you to travel. Just think about that! You put all this work in […]

What’s Your ‘Desert Island’ Copywriting Technique? Answers from Our Team

You’ve been shipwrecked on an uninhabited island, somewhere with blue skies and dazzling aquamarine waters. But after some time passes, no matter how big a fan of sushi you are, the appeal of your solitary paradise starts to wane. You’ve amassed a fine collection of rocks — suitable for crafting, let’s say, a copywriting message. […]

Readers' Choice: Top 5 Articles from Last Week

This is the first post in a new weekly series that will provide a roundup of the top articles, news updates and important content from the week prior.  Social Media Today RSS

Facebook will block advertisers from changing link previews, but hasn’t yet

Brands had used the option to reposition news articles as promotional content. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article. Marketing Land – Internet Marketing News, Strategies & Tips

211: Creating a Successful Podcast – Advice from Pat Flynn

Advice from Pat Flynn on How to Create a Successful Podcast Today I have a treat for anyone who has ever considered starting a podcast (or already has one), because I’ve just finished a Skype call with Pat Flynn about the art of podcasting.   As I’ve mentioned in the past, Pat’s teaching on podcasting […]

Pinterest passes 200 million monthly users, up from 150 million last year

Pinterest announced that it now has 200 million monthly active users (MAUs). For context, the company hit 100 million monthly users exactly two years ago, 150 million users about a year later, and 175 million users around six months after that. In short, Pinterest is nabbing new users at a rate of roughly 50 million a year. Though […]

Our Top 11 Content Marketing Takeaways from #CMWorld 2017

Last week, thousands of marketers from all over the world descended on the Rock N’ Roll capital of the world, Cleveland, OH, for the seventh annual Content Marketing World Conference and Expo. Featuring more than 130 speakers, keynotes and panelists, dozens of different tracks, and a whole lot of orange, the four-day event was exciting […] sues Google after removal from Play store for hate-speech violations

Social network created as ‘safe space for the alt-right’ claims Google abused its market power. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article. Marketing Land – Internet Marketing News, Strategies & Tips

Gab sues Google for antitrust violations following ban from Play Store

Gab, an independent social network popular with conservative activists, has filed a lawsuit in a federal court accusing Google of abusing its power after the search giant removed the upstart from its app store. Last month, Gab complained that it had been banned from Google’s Play Store following complaints that the service had become a […]

Facebook Messenger hits 1.3 billion monthly users, up from 1.2B in April

 Facebook Messenger continues its ascent, entrenching itself as the top cross-OS messaging app in the West. Messenger now has 1.3 billion monthly users, up from 1.2 billion in April and 1 billion in July 2016. That’s the same count as Facebook’s other chat product, WhatsApp. Messenger’s growth rate has slowed slightly over the years. It […]