Mobile Marketing vs. In-Store Sales: Help! What’s the Correlation?

Today’s consumers research products on the go, using their smartphones to find and choose at which nearby business to make a purchase or eat a meal. Most visit the store they select on the same day. Yet most marketers can’t – or don’t – optimize their digital presence or measure the impact of their… Please […]

Google launches Data GIF Maker to help storytellers convey information through animations

In an age of ubiquitous computing when we all have high-bandwidth video streaming capabilities in our pockets, the fact that the humble GIF continues to thrive is remarkable. But its success is testament to the 30-year-old file format’s continued support and its ability to convey information (and entertain) without requiring huge processing power. Indeed, GIFs continue […] launches to help brands find compatible influencers using AI

Influencer marketing is increasing in popularity, but the question of who to engage with raises an interesting quandary. Brands are finding that employing celebrities and mega-connectors comes with a high risk, and it doesn’t necessarily translate into a reasonable return. These placements also tend to be “one and done” — not a relationship that builds and […]

Facebook Image Search is Getting Better at Finding Relevant Results – Which Could Help Boost Your Platform Strategy

Facebook’s advanced image recognition capacity provides a new way to research and connect with relevant audiences. Social Media Today RSS

Pinterest Introduces New Pin-Level Stats to Help Maximize Pins

Pinterest is adding new, Pin-level stats to help provide more understanding of your on-platform performance. Social Media Today RSS

Facebook’s fact checking may help spread fake news

After acknowledging that it has a problem with fake news, Facebook introduced a feature recently that flags certain posts as “disputed.” In some cases, however, this appears to be having the opposite effect to the one Facebook intended. According to a report by The Guardian, the tagging of fake news is not consistent, and some […]

Facebook teams with The Trevor Project to help prevent LGBTQ youth suicides

Facebook has been working to make users feel safer on the platform for years, and in its latest effort to enhance the online community, the social media platform partnered with The Trevor Project, an organization dedicated to suicide prevention for LGBTQ youth. On Tuesday — in the middle of Mental Health Awareness month — Facebook […]

How a free email course can help you sell more physical products

Contributor Ben Jacobson shares step-by-step instructions for building a free online course that will lead to a highly targeted list of people who are ready to buy. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article. Marketing Land – Internet Marketing News, Strategies & Tips

How LinkedIn's Latest Update Could Help Boost Your Exposure Through the Platform

LinkedIn is looking to provide more opportunities for exposure with a new change to their terms of service. Social Media Today RSS

Tech companies, if you create addicts, you need to help them

GUEST: Two years ago, I published a book on how to make products more habit-forming. The book became a bestseller and I’m frequently asked to consult with companies—particularly tech companies—looking to make their goods and services stickier and harder to stop using. Unfortunately, making things more engaging also makes them more potentially addictive. The techniques […]