Color Psychology In Branding: Industry Colors Explained [Infographic]

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Content Marketing Stats and Trends in 2017 [Infographic]

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The Secret to Creating Scalable, Quality Content and Better CX – Infographic

A woman walks into a retail store and looks around, not finding what she’s there for. She approaches a sales associate and asks, “Excuse me, can you show me where the top of the funnel is? I need to be confronted by every touchpoint of your predetermined sales process before I can purchase something”. Not […]

How to Use Google AdWords: 11 Steps to Success [Infographic]

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The Most Popular Messaging Platforms, By The Numbers [Infographic]

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Facebook Releases New Report into Digital Transformation in the Auto Industry [Infographic]

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104 Reasons Why You Need to Advertise on Mobile [Infographic]

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7 Advanced Google Shopping Strategies [Infographic]

Competing in Google Shopping is hard. If you want to succeed as a retailer a successful strategy is essential, especially when you consider the fact that 56% of Google PPC budget is spent on shopping. That’s right: In the USA, Shopping is more popular than search. To help you get the most out of Google […]

Email automation 101 [INFOGRAPHIC]

One of the key reasons why email marketing is such a vital tool for your business’ success is because it provides you with a direct line to your customers. Launching a new product or service? Promoting an in-store event or sale? Send a quick message straight to all of your subscribers, and they’re immediately brought […]

Four Ways Businesses Should Use Customer Reviews [Infographic]

With consumer trust of brands at an all-time low, customer reviews are more important than ever—both to buyers, who use them to make decisions, and to brands, which should be using them to boost revenue. How? Here are some tips on how to harness the power of online reviews. Read the full article at MarketingProfs […]