How Introverted Writers Transform into Business Professionals

There’s a well-loved myth out there that if you do something reasonably remarkable and distribute passionate content, you’ll automatically have… Continue Reading The post How Introverted Writers Transform into Business Professionals appeared first on Copyblogger. Copyblogger

10 Crucial Steps for Launching Your B2B Podcast Into the Wild

Hey, friend, have you heard the good news about podcasts?  Given the most recent stats, it’s highly likely you have. Over half of all Americans over 12 years of age have listened to at least one. Podcasts have well and truly hit the mainstream. In other words, the gold rush is on for brands looking […]

New Vector scores $8.5M to plug more users into its open, decentralized messaging Matrix

New Vector, a European startup founded in 2017 by the creators of an open, decentralized communications standard called Matrix to drive adoption and grow an ecosystem around an alternative messaging protocol for instant messaging and VoIP apps, has raised an $ 8.5 million Series A funding round. Investors in New Vector’s Series A round include […]

Kid wanders into live news shot to say hi to mom

Remember how much fun we all had with BBC dad? Well, here is MSNBC mom. NBC News correspondent Courtney Kube was on MSNBC Wednesday morning to report on Turkish airstrikes in Syria. While she was talking, her four-year-old son popped into the frame. (You can see his actual entry in a different version of the […]

Turn reviews into business intelligence with AI-powered review platforms (VB Live)

Join this VB Live event to learn how to leverage customer reviews, turn good feedback into great product, learn what really matters to customers, and more.Read More Social – VentureBeat

Uber’s push into on-demand recruitment is a natural progression for the gig economy

Uber Works is a new on-demand staffing service that connects employers with shift-workers, including cooks, cleaners, waiters, and laborers.Read More Social – VentureBeat

In response to Google change, Yoast SEO will opt users into all snippet features by default

The change comes with versions 12.2, coming October 1. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. Search Engine Land: News & Info About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & Search Marketing

High Fidelity’s new mobile app turns your selfies into VR avatars

This new mobile app from High Fidelity lets you take a quick selfie with your smartphone’s camera and turn it into a full-body VR avatar within minutes.Read More Social – VentureBeat

How AI is transforming customer reviews into crucial business intelligence (VB Live)

Your customer reviews are a gold mine, and AI is the key to turning their feedback into great product, finding out what really matters to customers and moreRead More Social – VentureBeat

NY attorney general will lead antitrust investigation into Facebook

New York Attorney General Letitia James announced this morning that she’s leading an investigation into Facebook over antitrust issues — in other words, whether Facebook used its social media dominance to engage in anti-competitive behavior. In a statement, James said: Even the largest social media platform in the world must follow the law and respect […]