Verify Your Renewed McAfee Subscription In Easy Steps

If you purchase a renewal McAfee activate license after your product’s expiration, you see a pop-up note saying that your McAfee software has expired. Since the outdated McAfee software cannot receive updates, it also cannot initiate notification that the expiration date has modified and you will endure receiving such notifications after the renewal of your expired license. […]

How to Turn Off JavaScript in Any Browser of Any Device

Nowadays, all web browsers come with JavaScript installed. And the feature is also enabled in most of the internet browsers. However, JavaScript programs help the browser to load and access the dynamic contents of the websites. If your browser loads the website slowly, then you can try disabling the JavaScript in it. As the dynamic […]

How to Fix Alexa Not Connecting to Bluetooth Devices Issue

Failed to connect your Amazon Echo smart speaker with a Bluetooth device? Alexa can be connected to any Bluetooth device and can operate with it. You can connect Alexa with a Bluetooth speaker, headphones, and other devices easily by simply pairing with them. You can also use the Alexa devices as a standard wireless speaker […]

Apple Set To Rollout watchOS 6 With Some Brand New Features

A new watchOS 6 update is confirmed by Apple during the recent WWDC 2019 event, and inevitably this new update will introduce some exclusive features which would help an Apple Watch user to have a much more diverse usage and applicability of their Apple Watch. Though every new update brings along some new and improved […]

Guide For Transferring Facebook Pictures To Google Photos

Facebook has not only provided a platform for an individual to interact with, but it has also enabled a person to share their views and thoughts on any subject matter. But many individuals have been making much better use of this social media platform by simply using it as a cloud-based service to store all […]

5 Best Budget Friendly Graphics Cards in 2019

Want to boost-up your slow PC performance at a pocket-friendly price? A graphics card allows you to enhance the performance of your PC, especially while using high-performance applications such as high graphics video games, photoshop, video editing programs, and much more. My PC lags whenever I watch YouTube videos on 1080 pixels, but since I […]

How to Display or Download Pictures to Your Digital Frame

Pictures capture all the good and bad moments of our and very helpful and pleasing at times. Nowadays, instead of real photos, people choose to see their pictures on their smartphone, computer, or digital frame’s screen. If you wish to display your favorite images on a digital frame, you will have read till the end […]

How to Change Your Primary Email on Facebook

On your Facebook account, you can easily change your primary email address anytime. If you have changed the email provider, then you need to change your primary email address. You should change your primary email address to secure your Facebook account. If you don’t know how to do this, then just follow the instructions mentioned […]

How to Erase and Factory Reset Your MacBook Pro

In case you are facing a slow down issue with your MacBook Pro, then the troubleshooting process might not help you to solve this issue. You have to erase, and factory reset your MacBook Pro by going through the steps given in this article. Here’s how to Erase and Factory Reset Your MacBook Pro Steps […]

How To Protect Your Computer From Dust

It is impossible to stop the dust from accumulating inside your PC! Is that what you are told, but wait did you know that there are some proven tricks that can prevent the dust from housing inside your PC. Yes, it is true, that if an individual takes regular care and some immediate measures, then […]