Best Multiplayer Mobile Games to Play With Your Long Distance Friends

Are you feeling restless and bored being at home all the time? Missing hanging out and movie nights with your friends? Of course, everyone is. So, you all might be wondering how to deal with that. In this time of digitalization, you can easily stay connected with your friends. It is one of the greatest […]

Trump and Intel are Reportedly Pushing for New Processor Factories in the US

The federal administration of the US is planning to make deals with significant processor developers. The initiative is about to be taken by the president, Mr. Donald Trump, in which he will allow new processor developers to get established in the USA. The following news has been proclaimed by The Wall Street Journal in which […]

Samsung All Set to Launch a Samsung Pay Debit Card

Samsung is all set to launch the Samsung Pay Debit card in partnership with SoFi Samsung is planning to expand its financial services with the release of a card called Samsung Debit card. Sang Ahn has announced the news of launching the new Samsung Debit card in a blog post of the company. Sang Ahn, […]

How to Download and Install macOS Version Catalina 10.15.5 Beta 3 to Mac

Developers are keen to know about the trends in the market. Here is how to install developer beta in Mac. New Features of macOS version Catalina beta Below mentioned are the new features and the steps to perform the testing of new features: Taking Archived Backup via Time Machine An external HDD needs to be […]

Samsung’s QLED-display Galaxy Book Laptops are Now Available

The Galaxy laptops of Samsung are now available to buy in the US. The laptops are available in three distinctive variants, such as Ion, Flex Alpha, and the Galaxy Book Flex. Each of them has been compact with the advanced 10th generation Gen Chip of Intel. Although each of them has similar specs and features, […]

How to Recover Deleted Files on Any Device

Accidentally deleted some files could make your work and life hard, so it is necessary to have tools that can restore your lost data and take your work on the right track. There are widely amount of tools available that can help you to recover the lost data. Sometimes users don’t actually delete the files, […]

How to Save Battery on MacBook

MacBook is among the most advanced equipment provided by Apple, but it also has the time-old issue like other Apple products. Your MacBook may also contain a low battery backup, but it is not always the system’s fault. If you assume that your MacBook battery is being consumed quickly, then you can improve it with […]

How to Pair Apple Airpods with Windows 10 PC

Apple is known globally for its advanced and elegant looking devices. In the world of various innovative companies, it’s the perfection of Apple that makes it the best amongst the rest of them.  A couple of years back, their perfections came out through one of the most popular gadgets of them; Airpods. Several companies have […]

How to Check Windows Firewall is Blocking a Port?

Windows Firewall is an in-built security app that blocks any threatening connection on your system. The users should simply set up the settings accordingly, and then they can open or block the ports or programs as per their requirements in Windows 10. In case you are confused whether or not the system has blocked a […]

How to Use CTRL+ALT+DEL on a Remote Computer via Remote Desktop

Performing CTRL+ALT+DEL on a remote computer using the remote desktop software could be challenging for a newbie. In this article, today, we will learn how to perform the CTRL+ALT +Del command remotely on a remote desktop computer. You can easily use this key combination on your computer straightly, but doing the same on a remote desktop computer can […]