How to Keep Your Apple ID Secure and Protected

If you have ever lost your Apple ID, then you must know the horror of it. Even if you have never faced it yourself, experiencing so could prove to be lethal as your Apple ID is connected with everything. It can be something personal like Calendar, Mail, or Remainders, etc. or it may be a […]

How to Keep Using Time Machine When the AirPort Time Capsule is Disconnected?

The AirPort routers by Apple brought a huge change in the world of backups. Time Machine allowed users to back up their data automatically. This allowed people who did not have much technical knowledge to take backups. However, Apple does not make Time Capsule anymore. If you still want to continue using Time Machine, then […]

How to Fix OneNote Sync Error

There can be plenty of causes behind OneNote notebooks that stop sync. There are high chances of net connectivity issues and gets late while using the same notebook from different gadgets. Remember! This blog is applicable for OneNote users of Windows 10, OneNote for Office 365, as well as OneNote 2019. Use the most recent […]

How to Fix a Corrupt PowerPoint File

This article provides you different steps to repair MS PowerPoint problems. File corruption repair service can be used in situations when PowerPoint presentation cannot be successfully opened in Microsoft PowerPoint, and you see errors or warnings while opening it. To repair corrupted a ppt file quickly, follow the methods given below. Fixing the MS PowerPoint […]

How to Fix Ntoskrnl.Exe BSOD Blue Screen Error

People do face Blue Screen on their device, which leads towards Ntoskrnl.exe. To avoid such things, you need to follow the steps of this blog carefully. Here are some common symptoms: The computer runs slow. Sudden system reboots. A lot of CPU usage and overheating is high. In the end, at the device boot, people […]

How To Delete Messages In TextFree?

Free applications such as TextFree are very good, particularly for people who are chatting freaks. There is hardly any person who doesn’t ever delete their messages. If you want to know the method of removing a message in TextFree, then go through this blog carefully. And follow the below-mentioned steps one after the other. This […]

How To Remove Audio from Video with VLC and iMovie

Making videos with your smartphone is trending today. Several apps help you in making amazing videos, and you can add filters, stickers, and much more on your video. YouTubers and social media enthusiasts make most of the videos today, and they usually have the knowledge of editing any video, and they do it according to […]

How You Can Move your Data to your new iPhone

Apple has recently launched its latest models of iPhone and iPads, and users prefer to update their iPhone with a new one. Since Apple has launched its iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro with loads of new amazing and advanced features, many iPhone users have replaced their old iPhone with these new models. Besides this, […]

How to Enable/Disable Pop-Up Blocker on Safari?

Majority of people know that popups windows have been used for plenty of reasons. For instance, it can be used for a banking site for displaying a canceled check. Unfortunately, plenty of popups have advertisements. But at the same time browsers do have a solution for blocking the pop ups. Apple’s Safari provides an inbuilt […]

How to Clean an Infected Computer and Copy Files Safely?

There are uncountable malware and viruses on the internet which can infect the crap out of your device. You may be able to remove some of these viruses from your device, but some threats are so hard to remove. Your device can even be controlled remotely by these threats. In order to clean your infected […]