How to Turn On/Off Location Services on the iPad

Same as an iPhone and Android, the location tracking for wireless sensor networks of the iPad are correct at identifying the location. The iPad which has the fourth generation settings in it also contains an “Assisted Global Positioning System chip” for identifying the exact location without having the Global Positioning System and it will work […]

How to Change or Customize Apple Watch Face

Apple Watch provides many watch faces to its users. Users can change, customize or delete faces anytime from their Apple Watch. You can choose the color whichever is your favorite, add complications that are the small function of windows which will send detail from other applications like Weather, Word Time, Calendar, etc, and you can […]

PlayStation Store Offers Heavy Discount on Famous Titles

Sony has announced very delightful news for all the PlayStation users as all the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita title is going to be available with very exciting discounts for players to purchase the highly popular PlayStation Games. Sony is set to host a Great Indoors Sales Event which would feature many of the AAA […]

How to Setup Call Forwarding in iPhone XR

Call forwarding in one of the most significant features that allow users to forward incoming calls to any another number on the iPhone. It works great for both individuals and businesses, and easy to set up in your iPhone. Whenever you don’t feel like taking a call or don’t want to listen to the sound […]

5 Best Windows Video Players in 2019

Watching videos is one of the favorite activities of most of the people in leisure time or breaks. It refreshes our mind from time to time and even inspires us to become better in life. Everything, from sports to movies to songs and more are available in video format these days and are the primary […]

7 Best Android Apps for Musicians in 2019

Smartphones have changed the way we live. It allows us to access things with the touch of a fingertip and ease our life. If you are a musician or you like to create music as a hobby, you can make your Android smartphone your music studio. There are plenty of apps available in the market, […]

Fortnite: Guide to Complete Magnifying Glass Challenge for Season 8 Week 3

Season 8 for Fortnite has stepped into its week 3 and fans are offered with completing various new challenges in return for exciting rewards and Battle Star. One such challenge requires players to hunt for hidden treasures at the location where the magnifying glass points at on the loading screen. This designated challenge requires players […]

How to Record Samsung Galaxy Screen with Mobizen

Want to capture the task going on your Samsung Galaxy screen? You can record what is happening on the screen and watch it when you want. Many screen-recording apps are available on Google Play Store. And many of them are free to download. If you have a Samsung Galaxy. then with the Samsung Game Tools […]

Monster Hunter: 15th Anniversary Celebrations May Feature New Content

Many gamers would recognize Monster Hunter as one of the top titles for 2018, but this exciting game has gone through a tremendous history and has recently completed 15 years since its initial launch. The Monster Hunter title was initially launched for PlayStation 2, and eventually, it became accessible for other gaming consoles and home […]

Google’s New Android Q Beta is All Set for Official Release

Google released the next version of Android on Wednesday, which is named Android Q for now. The official release of the version in full capacity is slated to be towards the end of 2019, but for now, we can get some glimpses of what this future platform packs in, especially when smartphone tech had leaped […]