Best Digital Marketing Agency in Gurgaon

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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller – Review

Nintendo has been producing some fantastic controllers for the last few decades, and recently it launched the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller that I would say is a masterpiece. In this article, we will give you some excellent reasons to buy this product, as well as a few reasons not to go for it. So let’s […]

Where to Find and Catch Tapu Fini in Pokemon Crown Tundra

Things are going in Pokemon Sword and Shield’s favor after the inclusion of Crown Tundra DLC. The game has acquired enormous praise within a few weeks of Crown Tundra release. The most significant factor that is attracting the gamers towards Pokemon Sword and Shield is the Legendary Pokemon. Over 100 new Legendary Pokemon have entered […]

Amazon Spends $80 Million For Borat 2

Reportedly Amazon paid $80 million to buy the rights of Sacha Baron Cohen’s recent hit sequel, Borat: Subsequent Movie Film. Borat: Subsequent Movie Film is a mockumentary comedy movie directed by Jason Woliner; it is also Woliner’s directorial debut. Sacha Baron Cohen is a fictional Kazakh reporter. The movie was released on 23 October 2020 […]

How to Get Cosmog in Pokemon Sword and Shield

The gamers’ anticipation and excitement have been satisfied after the arrival of Crown Tundra DLC in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The following DLC is the second part of Isle of Armor and was expected to arrive in November or December 2020. However, it arrived early, thanks to Game Freaks, who have brought it before its […]

All the Latest Gadget Announcements by Apple

Apple had lined up a lot of products and software updates for iOS and iPadOS users for 2020. But the pandemic delayed a lot of plans. Better delayed than never is the quote that has probably inspired Apple to introduce their latest gadgets to the world. On 13th October, Apple announced four new models in […]

Face Masks and Facial Recognition: How Will They Co-Exist in the Future?

Looking back at the time, face masks seemed odd whenever you crossed at streets with someone wearing it. Today, it has become as important as any other body part. Not only this, but a lot of countries have regulated the law of wearing a mask at a public place. While face masks perform their job, […]

How to Unlock Victini (The Feeling of Victory Quest) in Pokémon Go

Recently, Pokémon Go has brought several new Legendary Pokémon including Victini who has been derived through the Unova region. However, the process of catching Victini is quite different from other Legendary Pokémon; gamers need to complete the Special Research quests to catch a Victini. However, first gamers need to unlock The Feeling of Victory quest […]

Attack on Titan: Everything You Need to Know About Season 4

Attack on Titan is set in the world of enormous humanoids (called Titans) who consume human beings for no reason. In order to protect the people from them, humanity has to live in cities surrounded by enormous walls that keep the humanoids away. The story follows the life of Eren Yaegar, Armin Arlert and Mikasa […]

Google Meet vs Zoom: A Thorough Comparison

Want to know what sets both of these conferencing applications apart? Follow this article to the end. The Google Meet app got launched in 2017 as an invite-only application. On the other hand, Zoom entered the industry to give stiff competition to all the cloud-based video conferencing services. We want to thank both the services […]