Online Fraud: Most Common ideas |

Since the early 2000s, on-line fraud has been a constant problem, continually ready to trap unwary users. Antivirus software can defend you from most spammer tricks, however, sometimes, even the strictest email junk mail filters may additionally let a potentially risky e-mail slip into your inbox. However, if you recognize the maximum commonplace spammer tricks, […]

Konami Code Creator Dies, Leaving a Legacy Spanning Over Three Decades

“Kazuhisa Hashimoto: The Genius Behind Contra Code Dies at the Age of 61” The famous Konami Code programmer, Kazuhisa Hashimoto died at the age of 61. He has developed one of the most popular gaming aspects, Konami Code for worldwide known gaming conglomerate, Konami in 1986. Kazuhisa Hashimoto has developed numerous cheat codes like ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B, A, Start, in […]

The Original Terminator 6 Plan & Why Dark Fate Happened

Terminator 6 will be directed as the sequel to Terminator Genisys, and the plot will be completely different from what fans have watched in the final chapter Terminator: Dark Fate. The franchise of the Terminator has been facing difficulties ever since to locate the footing when the most significant part of Terminator 2: Judgement Day […]

How to Backup WhatsApp Chats and Photos on iPhone and iPad

WhatsApp is nothing less than a sensation around the world as the application packs millions of users. With the help of WhatsApp, we can send messages; photos, videos, documents as well as make a video call. However, given number of online privacy breaches, it is an excellent idea to keep our data safe from WhatsApp […]

How to Unlock Windows PC with Android Fingerprint Scanner

Windows 10 OS provides multiple features having various security tools that secure data from numerous thefts and leakage. Every Windows 10 PC runs on a specific account system that may require a secure passcode and a PIN to unlock its functions. Some high-end laptops and PCs enables a unique tool of Window Hello. It holds […]

How to Fix Telegram Not Connecting or Working on Android Devices?

Telegram is a secure, reliable messaging application than can conveniently work on various Android devices. It works on cloud-based features so that you can access your messages worldwide on several platforms. The messaging services are quite fast and hold strong encryption features. Telegram is ad-free and provides a quick messaging system for your android device. […]

How to Fix Windows Laptop Won’t Shut Down Issues

HP is a giant Laptop manufacturer and is growing day by day as it provides various additional features in its products. These features give better surfing and working experience, whether it used in offices or at home. It builds an unbreakable bond with Windows 10, as these two are one of the best combinations in […]

How to Use Wayfarer in Pokémon Go & What is It

The game Pokémon Go received a new tool named Wayfarer. This new tool allows players who are available to review and nominate the submissions to the Pokéstops and Portals. Right now, it is available for the players who are at level 40 in the game Pokémon Go and level 10 or more in the game […]

How to Fix Disney Plus Playback Issues

Disney plus is the OTT platform where users can access all the classic or new movies alongside TV series owned by Disney. Users can also access movies owned by other companies such as Pixar Marvel, Fox, National Geography and Lucasfilm’s (which merged or owned by Disney.) It is still the very start, so there are […]

How to Fix Windows 10 Common Update Problems

Windows Update has covered a long distance from the old version. Earlier, Windows were greeted with awkward applications filled with crashes and errors. However, nowadays, Windows update works properly in the background without interrupting the user’s path and executing its task efficiently. It offers users little spontaneous reboots than before and also allows the update […]