How To Clear Cache On Your Samsung Galaxy J7

Many Samsung users complain about facing trouble in the operation of their Galaxy J7 phone. Galaxy J7 is amongst the best and most likable smartphone of its Galaxy series among Samsung users across the globe. The device provides every latest features and often throws an updated version with new amazing features too. Besides this, having […]

How to Fix Something Went Wrong When Trying to Use Squarespace

Some Squarespace users are complaining that they are facing “something went wrong when trying to use Squarespace” error on their Windows PC. If you are one of them, then go through the instructions mentioned below. Here’s how to fix something went wrong when trying to use Squarespace Go through the antivirus software on the Windows […]

How to Fix Kodi Not Working on Windows

When Kodi is not able to launch the Windows, then this means something is wrong. The Kodi not working on windows error will occur while updating Kodi or Windows to its latest version. Some users are facing this issue when they have installed particular add-ons. In this article, you will get different methods to fix […]

How to Fix Pending Downloads on Google Play

Downloading an application from your Google Play Store is an easy process. But some users are facing problems while they try to download any application on their smartphone. In case you are getting ‘Pending download on Google Play’ error on your smartphone, then you can easily fix this error by following the instructions mentioned below. […]

How to Remove Trayapp.msi File

Do you want to use the HP software? But are you still facing the trayapp.msi file error? Then this article will help you to get rid of these errors. You just need to check whether your system is protected, repair the software, and reinstall the HP software. You can also use computer optimizer tool and the […]

How to Open VFS Files on Your Windows 10 PC

VFS is the archive format which is compatible with some software. VFC file includes directories index from the media storage or HDD. The file type is registered with few games and HP all-in-one-printers which uses the VFS file extension for the file archives. If you want to open VFS file on your Windows 10 PC, […]

How to Remove InstallShield Update Manager

If you wish to uninstall the InstallShield Update Manager, then you can do this by using the InstallShield Update Service. You can also disable the InstallShield processes from the Task Manager and uninstall all the files manually. In this article, you will get to know the steps to remove InstallShield Update Manager on your computer. […]

How to Change Ok Google to a Different Phrase

Wondering how to change the OK Google command to something else? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Google Assistant uses OK Google as a default command. But do you know you can customize it and give it a new command? The process of changing OK Google command is not that easy. […]

How to Access and Play PS4 Games on an iPad

Playing games on the PlayStation console could be a great experience, but not as handy as an iPad. In comparison to PlayStation, you can play games comfortably wherever you want in your home or outside with an iPad.

How to Delete your Fortnite Account

Tired of playing Fortnite or want to begin everything from the start? There could be countless reasons for deleting a Fortnite account. Deleting a Fortnite account isn’t so simple as you may have thought.