How to Fix ‘iTunes Has Detected A Problem With Your Audio Configuration’ Error

iTunes is built-in software that comes with an iPhone or iPad to support video and music. iTunes is an all-in-one place for audio and video for users. Apart from iPhone or iPad users, other users with use iTunes software on their PC. iTunes is indeed an amazing app designed for music and videos. But sometimes […]

10 Most Common Outlook Errors and Solutions

The outlook is one of the best platforms to manage and exchange emails. It is one of the essential tools in business, and if it prevents you from accessing and managing emails, then it can harm your business dealings as well. In such cases, it is essential to troubleshoot Outlook errors. But you may find […]

How to Activate Dark Mode on Google Chrome Browser

Google is trying to design a single switch to turn on and off the dark mode in its Chrome browser. Google is developing a dark mode chrome browser for a few months. It is still under development; that is why you haven’t heard about it officially. We got a way to run the dark mode […]

Best Blog Hosting Providers for Beginners in 2019

These days it’s pretty hard to find a reliable and sustainable web hosting provider. Every third-party host has its pros and cons, so we can’t choose a host merely by considering one or two factors. If you are a beginner and want a reliable product and customer service, then we would recommend you to go […]

Leapfrog Watch: How to Change Time?

The LeapBand, also known as the Leapfrog watch, is an activity tracker with an exciting twist. It basically has more than 50 ongoing challenges for your kid to stay active and have fun throughout the day. Also, it is very convenient to set play times and set challenges using the Leapfrog Connect application. But some […]

5 Methods to Fix the PowerPoint File Size Problem

PowerPoint is among the most well-known and used software around the globe. The software offers numerous useful features that the user can avail at any time. However, some issues might occur when you try to share a presentation file. Have you ever failed to share a presentation file because of its excessive size? The larger […]

Google Nest WiFi: Everything You Need To Know

Google has launched the latest web routers called Nest WiFi. It consists of two different devices; one is  “Points” that intensifies the signal and expands the network, and the other one is a router that plugs into the modem. There is also a built-in Google assistant support available to attract the users. Most importantly, the […]

How to Apply Parental Controls in Apple TV App

As we all know, there is a wide variety of content available on Apple TV+, and some of its movies and TV shows have way too much adultery. None of us want our kids, not even by mistake, to go into that A+ certificate world.  So here is how you can apply parental controls on […]

How to Create a Strong Password

It’s quite usual you, know, anywhere online whether it is your mail, social media accounts or, online banking account. When you create an account, you need to get a strong password for your account. We all want to keep it private. So we need to choose something hard to guess, and it should be easy […]

How to Add PDF to PowerPoint Presentation on Windows

Microsoft PowerPoint is the go-to presentation making software for a majority of people. Often, the need to insert a PDF document in a slide arises. Well, there are multiple ways to do so. If you have a Windows PC, then read on and learn how to insert a PDF into PowerPoint. Adding a PDF as […]