AI, Blockchain and Wearables Are Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Digital breakthroughs have created a revolution in the Healthcare sector. Internet of things (IoT), the Blockchain, AI and sophisticated medical minded wearable devices have now become synonymous to home healthcare. The pharmaceutical industries too have witnessed the digital effect in its overall functioning. The market prediction of growth of healthcare wearables is beyond 14 billion […]

With Echo Input Turn any Speaker into an Alexa Smart Speaker

Amazon’s Alexa is a household name now with many people opting for it over other options. Amazon’s Echo dot is the highest rated and most widely preferred for using Alexa. It has its own speaker that acts as an output speaker device. The major criticism faced by Echo and Echo Dot is its unimpressive sound […]

4 Ways IoT is Driving the Transformation of Pharmaceutical Industry

IoT or the Internet of Things is an inter-network of physical, electronic devices with internet network connectivity, to provide connectivity and real-time exchange of data.  These devices are embedded with sensors, actuators, etc. IoT has its application everywhere. Be it regular households where Alexa and Siri have taken over, or industries like manufacturing and software. […]


Sometimes you don’t get to know you had unfollowed you after accepting the request on Instagram. Instagram is a social networking site which allows you to share multiple photos and videos. Here you can create your account and then get started. Instagram itself will not message you that these persons have unfollowed you from their […]

How to Configure Outlook Express Settings for Comcast Email

In case you access Outlook Express for using Comcast email ID, you have to check first your setting should be appropriately arranged. You have to create an account on Comcast by entering the essential details which is your username and password or if you don’t have an account already then go for the signing up […]

How to Prevent Skype from Running Automatically

Sometimes people find Skype to be an annoying application as it appears on the screen when they start the computer. It will come with an option of logging in to the account of Skype so that one can text or call their friends immediately when they wish.                 […]

How to Use Master YouTube TV

YouTube TV of Google is a  fantastic contender for the people who would like to ditch classical cable TV. YouTube offers several channels and YouTube TV is an amazing alternative. How and where can you use YouTube TV? It can be used almost anywhere. It is a Google’s take on a live TV streaming service. […]

How to Move MS Office to a New System

If you want to deactivate the MS Office in the system, then you have to first uninstall the old system on the MS account. After that, you can activate MS office on a new system. In case you have an old version of MS Office, then it cannot be moved to a new system. You […]

How to Check the Firewall Settings on Windows and Mac

The system firewall helps to block incoming networks which is harmful to the PC. The user can see and change the firewall setting anytime and on any system, but note that the firewall should be enabled for security. Steps to Check Firewall Settings on Windows •    Go to the “Start Menu.” A firewall program is given […]

How to Use Lyft to Get a Ride

If you download Lyft from the App store, you can enjoy low fare rides. Book a ride by pressing the book button, and the driver shall pick you up from your current location and drop you to the destination you want. Sign Up for Lyft Install the Lyft application on Android or iOS device. You […]