How to Enable Ghost Mode in Snapchat

In case your friends on Snapchat are showing their live location to you, then their Actionmojis will display on the Snap Map. The best thing about Actionmojis is that it will not update the live location of your friend on the Snap Map if the Snapchat application is already open on the user home screen. […]

How to Turn Off Windows 10 Notification Sounds

Many users have been raising some of the questions after getting irritated by the notifications sound by their Windows 10. Here are the steps mentioned below to turn off Windows 10 notification sounds. Steps to Turn Off Windows 10 Notifications Sounds Through Settings Application •    Click on the Windows and R keys together to launch […]

Ways to Troubleshoot ‘Windows Spotlight not Working’ Issue

Windows Spotlight is one of the best feature of Windows which lets users download images easily and advertisements from a search engine, especially, Bing and show them in the lock screen of your Windows 10 device. However, Windows 10 users can mark if they liked any of the pictures, and if anyone wants to see […]

5 Factors That Cause Slow Charging on Android Phone

Missing those days when your battery was charging faster than the speed of light? But, now your battery only charges 30% in the whole night. This issue has become a common thing across Android users. Today we will try to solve this issue. But first, we need to know ‘what is causing your smartphone to […]

5 Best Video Sharing Websites of 2019

Basically, we all like to watch videos, whether it is our favorite movie clips or song video. When it comes to video streaming, YouTube is the top choice.  But there are a bundle other video sharing websites as well. Let’s explore the best video sharing platforms in 2019. 1.YouTube YouTube’s name is enough for sharing […]

Ways to Reset Windows Update Components on Windows 10 Device

Updates for Windows is one of the most significant parts on all key releases of Windows 10 update. As these updates let the OS users to simply download and install all the newest updates with some error solutions, drivers, and security patches. Moreover, on Windows 10 it is meant to get some preview builds and […]

5 Self Preservation Apps for Travelers

The attraction of international tourist locations and urge to go there in people often makes them ignore the threats and emergencies which can come in their way. The sense of responsibility among people towards themselves seems no longer a priority. But one should not ignore a coin’s other side. Many travelers use some self-preservation apps […]

Want to Install Amazon Alexa In Your Car? Learn How to Do It

Amazon’s Alexa is an Amazon virtual assistant device that can provide reports regarding weather and news, map routes, and execute various other functions. Primarily, it was usually used in domicile, but now can be used in the car as well. Though, there are several ways by which one can get easily connected Amazon Alexa in […]

5 Best Mountain Biking Apps For Android and iOS

Planning for mountain biking this weekend?  From navigating best routes to finding amazing places on mountains with breathtaking scenic views, I got you covered. Mountain biking is not as easy as it seems, you got to be pre-planned  with everything on your adventurous excursion. Here’s the list of some top apps that will be helping […]

Want to Enable Automatic- Answer Calls Feature on iPhone? Learn How to Do it

Auto-Answer calls is an amazing feature of Apple which has several uses and offers a wide range of applications for all types of iPhone users. This feature has an ability to answer the calls automatically, and much as this sound, with the auto-answer call features, turned on, then iPhone automatically answers all calls that ringing […]