Alexa Doesn’t Understand You? Try These Fixes!

Alexa Doesn’t Understand You? Try These Fixes! Everybody knows Alexa, regardless of whether you don’t think about it, you more likely than not found out about it. Alexa is a virtual private partner at Amazon. It has been there for over four years, and it is en route of ending up fast and more astute. […]

How to Disable the Touchpad on Your Laptop

If you are facing issues with your touchpad, and want to turn it off, then you have come to the right place. Here we will explore the process of disabling the touchpad of laptops. Steps to Disable the Touchpad Using the Native Device Manager •    Go to the “Device Manager.” In case you do not […]

How to uninstall programs in Ubuntu Linux

If you want to uninstall software from your PC running on Ubuntu Linux operating system, then here are the two different ways you can use in your computer to uninstall Ubuntu software. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Ubuntu Linux only or running it with another operating system. You can uninstall programs by using Terminal […]

How to Calculate Mortgage Payments in Excel

You can calculate the mortgage payments in Microsoft Excel such as calculating the borrowed amount monthly till the debt gets over, interest, and the basic amount of the loan. After doing this, you can make the payment schedule in Excel which will help you remember the monthly amount so you can pay your creditors on […]

How to Change Notification Sound for Google Reminders

Every application has a notification feature, and Google Assistant is no different. If you have bored with the same default sound for your apps and wish to change the notification sound for Google Reminders, then you can change it by following the steps mentioned below. How to Change Google Assistant Reminder Sound? If you wish […]

How to Add Music Into Video on Windows PC or Mac

You can add music into a video on Windows PC or Mac to make the video more interesting and cool. It is easy to place audio to a video clip by using correct video editing tools such as iMovie and Adobe Spark. Here you will learn how to add music into a video on Windows […]

How to prevent unauthorized purchases on Google Play

If you’re sharing your device with others and want to prevent unauthorized purchases from your Google Play account, then setting up authentication for the purchases is the best option. Setting up Authentication means, every time you make a purchase through your Google Play account, it will ask you for a confirmation password or code. Whenever […]

How to Add Subtitles in VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a popular media player for PC. If you want to subtitle videos, then you can do so easily. Here’s how to add subtitles in VLC media player. Steps to Set up the Subtitle File •    Search and load subtitle. Open the folder where you have saved the subtitle file. You have […]

How to Connect Mobile Phones to Sony PS4

Do you want to connect and synchronize your phone to your PlayStation? Well, you can either use the PlayStation Mobile app or access the My PlayStation Service. Moreover, you can also use the Remote Play app for this. To know about it in more detail, keep reading. Using the PlayStation Mobile App With the mobile […]

How to Delete Specific Chrome Autofill Suggestions

Sometimes the Autofill feature on Google Chrome text box gets filled when you type any links and websites by mistake. Removing the unwanted websites and links from the Google Chrome browser will make your browsing faster. Here’s how to delete specific Chrome Autofill suggestions. Steps to Remove Suggestions on iOS and Android device •    Go […]