How To Link Your Microsoft Account With Movies Anywhere: A Complete Guide

Movies Anywhere is a digital movie library which provides movies with every genre. Users find content on Movies Anywhere quite interesting. Besides this, several users often wish to know how they can link their Microsoft account with Movies Anywhere after the application became compatible with Microsoft TV and Movies. Linking Microsoft account with Movies Anywhere […]

Easy Ways for Fixing the Office Error Code 30013-39

Microsoft is a massive entity in terms of technology, and its package is the most attractive deal when it comes to choosing a reliable bundle that is capable of computing tasks swiftly. The users face some problems, however, from time to time, such as the error code 30013-39, which can be fix easily by implementing the […]

Simple And Effective Methods For Unblocking Netflix Via VPN

Netflix is the most favorite pastime of countless users all over the globe. The library of Netflix includes some of the most diverse content available on th internet. It serves as the best platform for entertainment for users. However, there are various VPNs blocked by Netflix to maintain regional codes and regulations. This can be […]

What Are The Steps For Creating An Office 365 Account On Mac

Microsoft office is a very popular package among the users regardless of their status, whether they are a personal user or a big corporate firm. The users can create presentations, reports, and analysis using some of the best task computing software that come in the package. These include Excel, Power-point, and word to mention a few. […]

How to Install macOS Catalina on Separate Partition

There is no doubt that every latest update of macOS comes with several undetected bugs. Many people lose valuable data with a new OS update, which could be really disheartening. In such situations, it is better to install the new OS on a separate partition. But what is disk partition? Well, disk partition means dividing […]

How to Send Emojis on the Apple Watch?

You can put smiley’s, pictures, and emoticons on your Apple Watch with the help of the Emoji feature. You have over 200 animated emojis to pick from on the Apple Watch. Here are the steps to Send Emoji on the Apple Watch. Share a Basic Emoji on the Apple Watch Source:- How to Send Emojis on […]

How to Record And Edit Slow-Motion Video on Your iPhone?

Everyone knows that slow-motion videos are a good way to add flair to your action videos. The iPhone’s camera can do it very quickly. To know the correct way of shooting and editing slow-motion videos on your iPhone, go through this blog carefully. Source: How to Record And Edit Slow-Motion Video on Your iPhone? Recording slow […]

How to Organize iOS Documents & Applications Using Apple Configurator 2?

In case you wish to make sure that your family has the same set of documents and applications available on their iOS devices, then Apple Configurator 2 is your get-go. It is a free-to-use tool that lets you maintain all the iOS devices in your home or organization. Here are the steps to organize iOS […]

Easy Steps to Setup the Microsoft Office For Free

QUICK WAYS TO SETUP THE MICROSOFT OFFICE Microsoft office is a praiseworthy software package that has assisted the users and companies in achieving tasks at a brisk pace. The best thing about the software is that it comes with many different reliable tools that Microsoft has provided for years. The package facilitates tools such as word […]

How to Resolve the Microsoft Error Code 17002 Successfully?

Microsoft is a big brand when it comes to technology, and its products have gained massive reception worldwide. The package of is one such software bundle from Microsoft that combines the best computing facilities and provisions in a consolidated lucrative all in one deal. The office is used by several private users and countless firms who […]