How to Back up iCloud Photo Library

iCloud Photo Library of Apple works amazingly to sync or backup the video or images to the iCloud. Still, if you want to keep the irreplaceable videos and photos safe, you will require the outmoded backup.  This will create the kind of local backup on the external source or own drive or you can even […]

How to Use Google Voice Recorder App on Android

Google Voice Recorder is a new app introduced by Google for Androids, which will help record the conversations or speeches in real-time. This technology will help users to use the voice recording functionality of phones more efficiently. You can turn the recorded voice into a text even if there is no availability of the internet […]

8 Best Games to Play on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch, the hybrid handheld gaming console has gone through a long journey of innovations and has been established as one of the best gaming platforms where you can enjoy plenty of thrilling games. Nintendo proposes not only made modifications in the hardware, but it worked a lot on design, style, and graphics to give […]

Best Cloud Storage Apps for iPhone

If you are using an iPhone and facing the problem of storage, then you may feel better knowing that the issue is a common one. This storage problem could even affect your productivity in businesses and to have proper cloud storage is always essential if you’re going to give a back up to all your […]

How To Fix Error Code 30015-39 (5)

Microsoft Office is an excellent software which helps its users saves a lot of time in computing different kinds of tasks. The is user friendly and is suitable for small, medium and large scale business and organizations. It is much easier to install and use however sometimes while installing the installation fails and an error […]

Microsoft has come out with patch releases for 2020 bug fixes

Microsoft office is one of the best software available for task computing activities. The package allows users to gain maximum productivity. Microsoft has come out with patch release of January 2020 security updates. There are numerous fixes that were anticipated including the vulnerabilities of 49. Eight of them have received a rating of critical.  The bugs will […]

Pokémon Sword and Shield: How to Find and Catch Haunter

The popular franchise of Pokémon has been decades-old yet keeps persisting in serving its fans. In the fall of 2019, it stunned us with its 8th generation of video games, aka Sword and Shield. Game freaks have developed the franchise video game, and they have prevailed several changes to the original concept of the franchise. The changes indulged them in several […]

Simple Measures for Fixing the Office Error Code 0xc004f074

Microsoft office is the ideal package for those who have been looking for increased productivity. The gets used by numerous companies who look for efficiently managing their tasks. There are issues however associated with the office program such as the code 0xC004F074, which can be fixed by following the correct guidelines listed here. Downloading the Necessary […]

Best 10 Disney Movies Of The Decade

Disney has emerged as one of the major studios of Hollywood in the film making. It has earned a great name in the making over the years and proved its worth in this decade by releasing several blockbuster films and web series. The media and entertainment giant has enthralled the audiences by making some of […]

How to Install Multiplayer Mods in GTA Online Guide

The most intriguing attribute of GTA Online for PC is its modding society, which is popular enough to Dominate Mixer and Twitch. There are numerous mods of this game, and thus below, we have specified the best three among them. The below-discussed mods are the best multiplayer mods created by the modders, and we have mentioned them […]