Black Panther 2: A New Villain and Everything You Need to Know

After 2018 released Black Panther did such a fantastic business on the box-office, it was inevitable that it would get a sequel. Kevin Fiege, the Marvel Studios president, said back in June 2019 that the talk of the sequel as of that moment would be premature. He went on to explain that Ryan Coogler, who […]

How to Transfer Spotify Playlists to Apple Music

In the current day and age streaming platforms have become a casual thing for everyone. Be it to watch TV, movies, or even listening to music. We all use one streaming platform or another. While video streaming platforms like Hulu and Netflix differ, there is not much change among music streaming platforms like Apple Music […]

How to Clear Application Data and Storage Space in iOS?

App data takes up a considerable amount of storage space. If your storage is getting full, and you want to make some space, then remove the app data. Go through the process of clearing application data on iOS devices. Remove and Reinstall an Application If you want to remove and reinstall an app, you need […]

How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium Account?

LinkedIn is used by several people across the globe. LinkedIn Premium subscription offers a number of perks. But you may want to switch back to the basic version as the chances of premium accounts getting exploited by cybercriminals are much more. Whatever the reason may be, here is how you can cancel your LinkedIn premium account […]

How to Fix Windows 10 Language Pack Error 0x800f0954

Windows 10 Language packs are very convenient, but some of the users are complaining that they are facing the Language Pack error 0x800f0954 on their computers. In this article, you will get to know how to fix Windows 10 language pack error 0x800f0954. Here’s how to fix Windows 10 language pack error 0x800f0954 Changing Wi-Fi […]

How to Fix ‘accelerometerdll.DLL was found’ Error

Many users are getting the ‘accelerometerdll.DLL was found’ error continuously on their system. Some of the users are complaining that they are getting this error when they try to launch the Microsoft Edge or any other third party browsing application which uses the accelerometerdll.DLL on their system. Do you want to fix this error? Then […]

How to Use Outlook and Microsoft Office 365 with a VPN?

Office 365 individuals have noticed issues linking to Outlook and the Office cloud while the VPNs are active. Our individuals reported ongoing issues when trying to use their Office apps and One Drive when attached to a VPN. This is one of the ongoing issues with some of the VPN clients. It’s particularly frustrating if, […]

MCU’s The Eternals: Release Date, Characters, Cast and Plot

MCU’s phase four is going to bring its most awaited movie “The Eternals.” In the film, you will see several superhumans with special powers and abilities. The Eternals come from a unique human species which is known as Celestials. The Eternals was created by Jack Kirby, a comic book innovator in 1976. The film will […]

How to Get Rid of FaceApp Watermark from your Clicks

FaceApp challenge is getting viral on the internet. Everyone is crazy about sharing their old age photo. Maybe you’re also one from them. Along with making yourself look older, younger, swiping gender, you can also change hairstyle, hair color, and much more. However, the picture that FaceApp converts almost looks real, especially those done by […]

How to Play YouTube on Your Google Home Mini

If you want to play YouTube on your Google Home smart speaker, then you have come to the right place. These days smart speakers are ruling the market, and their popularity is increasing. In most of the countries, people are using smart speakers such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple’s premium HomePod. If you […]