How to Back up iCloud Photo Library

iCloud Photo Library of Apple works amazingly to sync or backup the video or images to the iCloud. Still, if you want to keep the irreplaceable videos and photos safe, you will require the outmoded backup.  This will create the kind of local backup on the external source or own drive or you can even […]

Pokémon Sword and Shield: How to Find and Catch Haunter

The popular franchise of Pokémon has been decades-old yet keeps persisting in serving its fans. In the fall of 2019, it stunned us with its 8th generation of video games, aka Sword and Shield. Game freaks have developed the franchise video game, and they have prevailed several changes to the original concept of the franchise. The changes indulged them in several […]

Best 10 Disney Movies Of The Decade

Disney has emerged as one of the major studios of Hollywood in the film making. It has earned a great name in the making over the years and proved its worth in this decade by releasing several blockbuster films and web series. The media and entertainment giant has enthralled the audiences by making some of […]

How to Fix Android File now Transferring to Macbook

If you have earlier installed Android File Transfer Application on your Macbook, then you may view a warning message on your Macbook screen that says your Android phone not connected to the device. There can be numerous reasons as to why this is happening, and we will try to figure them out. Here you can […]

Best iOS 13.3 Hidden Features You Should Know About

When you install iOS 13 or iPadOS 13, it adds many amazing characteristics to the iPad and iPhone. There are fewer chances to know all of them as the device has numerous ones like improved screenshots and a volume indicator. There is an improvement in iPhone 11’s swanky new Deep Fusion Camera and dark mode. […]

Witcher 3: Tips and Tricks to Know before you play

Players will need some tips and tricks to survive in the massive open-world of Witcher 3. The game offers hundreds of challenges, scavenger hunts, contacts, and more. Also, lots of people find it daunting to complete in-game tasks and end up losing life numerous times. So, here are the essentials Witcher 3 tips that you […]

How to Transfer Pictures from Digital Camera to MacBook

If you connect digital cameras into your MacBook, then you will be able to import the data (content) of the camera in the Photos application. You can also set the Photos application MacBook to transfer pictures automatically from your particular device. You can also select that album where you want to transfer those pictures. When […]

How to Solve iPad 4013 Error?

It is pretty hard for Apple devices to encounter any error, but being electronic devices make them prone to several minor ones. One of these errors is iPad error 4013. If you are also facing this error on your iPad, then follow the blog written workaround and resolve this issue. Check USB Port and Connector […]

How to Fix 0x00AEM001489 Error Code?

As the technology is advancing, so are the cyberthieves. Numerous error codes disguise as tech support but intend to infect your PC. 0x00AEM001489 is one of them, and if you are facing it as well, then read through the blog. So, here are the steps to do so: Input the Hard-Coded Keys into ‘Product Key’ […]

How to Unlock All Characters in Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros comprises of most numbers of characters lineup and though it is a significant factor for making this game so popular among gamers. Although the game consists of 78 characters, it is pretty unfortunate that the players are grants to only access limited eight characters. This is pretty annoying though a significant flaw. Thus below, we […]