Amazon Firestick: How to Install Updated Kodi?

You may be wanting to use Kodi to organize your favorite movies and TV shows. This free software is used for managing your media content such as movies, shows, songs, and pictures. Here is how you can install Kodi on your Amazon Firestick. Follow the instructions carefully. Allow Kodi on Your TV You need to […]

Matrix Returns to Theaters for Its 20th Anniversary

The Matrix is all set to return to theaters for its 20th Anniversary. The Matrix can arguably be called the best sci-fi movie of all time and definitely the tide turner of the genre. It was 20 years ago with this movie that Wachowskis duomade their debut and left their impeccable mark on the sci-fi genre. source : […]

How to Enable Alexa Song ID Feature in UK and US

Amazon has recently released Song ID in the UK. This useful feature enables people to find out which song is playing. The new Alexa feature is presently available only to those living in the US and UK. The voice assistant can now tell the users the name of the song and artist before the track […]

How to Find the File Size of Picture on iPhone?

Certain platforms do not allow you to attach or send files that exceed a certain size. If you are using such a platform, then you may want to check if the image you want to upload is suitable or not. iPhone users can easily check the file size of pictures. Here’s how. Through Photo Investigator […]

How to Hide Text Messages on Your iPhone?

Messages are often personal and private. Do you want to stop others from snooping and checking your messages? You can hide your iPhone messages. Just follow the steps mentioned below. Removing Text Conversation You can remove your text conversations on your iPhone. So, here are the steps that you should follow: Firstly, you have to […]

How to Fix Hulu 500 Error?

Hulu is a good option for the cord-cutters and anyone who wants a reliable and affordable TV streaming service. But, many of the users are suspecting some errors while using Hulu. One of the notable errors while using Hulu is Hulu 500 error. Today we are going to discuss the process of troubleshooting this issue. […]

How to Change the Screensaver on Your Apple TV

Apple TV offers you various screensaver options. The default and latest one is known as Aerial. In case you wish to change the screensaver on your Apple TV, then you need to move to the personal screensaver which includes photos in the Photo library. Here’s how you can create a photo screensaver on Apple TV. […]

Steps To Fix MS Office Error Code 30180-4

When you attempt to install the Office fails, an error message typically tries to explain the reason. There are many reasons due to which the error code 30180-4 persists. Usually, the error persists due to the system files damage or corruption or previous installation files not removed properly. Here is the list of steps to […]

WWE SummerSlam 2019: How To Stream Live for Free, Where to Watch and Matches List

WWE SummerSlam is the second most significant event in the world wrestling entertainment industry coming after WrestleMania. So the 6 hour show on August 11 is set to be a blockbuster hit, and by headlining with Seth Rollins versus one time UFC champion Brock Lesnar, WWE intends to make it a blockbuster. However, for the first time […]

Does Your Phone Listen to You?

We have stepped in this new generation where the internet has become a platform to communicate, connect and interact with others. As the use of the internet is developing across the globe, so are the cyber-security incidents. Have you ever got a vibe that your phone is listening or watching you through its front camera? […]