Top 5 Free Movie Websites Available in 2019

Want to watch your favorite movie but don’t have a Netflix or HBO subscription? There are several websites that allow you to watch movies for free. From old to new, you can check all types of films quickly. If you don’t know about the best sites, the list is mentioned below for you. Check it […]

Top 7 OnePlus 7 Pro Cases in 2019

The OnePlus 7 Pro features an exciting and impressive design but is very slippery. It is tough to use this phone without using a dedicated case. As this device is launched recently, there are ample cases available in the market for buying. If you own a OnePlus 7 Pro but can’t decide the best phone […]

Top 5 Grammar Apps for Android in 2019

Bad grammar is a significant problem for a lot of people. It can be ignored in tweets or captions of social media posts, at times, but not in other places. If you also misspell words or write wrong sentences now and then, worry not, there are various grammar apps available nowadays. They will help you […]

How to Fix Excel Document Not Saved Error

Many users of MS Excel are reporting Excel document not saved error on their system. They are also facing this problem where documents are not saving at all after trying so many times. If you are one of them, then go through the instructions mentioned below to fix this issue. Before we follow the methods […]

How to Fix your OneDrive synchronization issues on Mac? – Here you can find all the instructions related to setup, install and activate MS Office suite on your Mac. You only need to visit office setup and log in to your Microsoft account. Enter your product key on www office com setup to download and install MS Office setup. Steps to sync OneDrive in Mac In […]

How to Assign Names and Remember Birthdays with Google Home

If you have a big family, then the chances of forgetting any member’s birthday are slightly high. While you can note down the birthdays of people on the calendar, you may still miss it. With Google Home speakers, you can not only tell Google Assistant how to identify each family member, but you can also […]

How to Add Subtitles to Netflix Movies or TV Series

Whether you are playing a  TV series or movie in your native language or not, subtitles are a convenient way to understand the content.  By adding subtitles to your TV series or movies, you can’t miss an essential part of the dialogue. It is a great idea to add subtitles to your movie or TV […]

6 Best Small Android Phones Available in 2019

In the last couple of years, the definition of a small phone has completely changed. It is because the smartphone world has moved to big displays and even the phones with the smallest phone screen are not that small. For reducing the size of the smartphone, most of the phone manufacturers trimmed the bezels. Samsung’s […]

5 Best Pet Apps for Android in 2019

Owning a pet is a challenging yet satisfying experience. The pet offers you unconditional love, and you need to only take care of them in return. Nowadays, technology has made things a lot easier for pet owners. There are various great apps that pet owners can use to take care of their pet. The best […]

Ensure safe office setup by eliminating error 1706

Whenever you set up Microsoft Office via on your device, you may come across certain issues. Sometimes the problem arises in the form of error codes. If you encounter Error 1706 while performing Office Setup you may see the following message on your device: “Error 1706- Setup can’t find the required files. Check CD-ROM […]