5 survey questions every nonprofit should be asking

As a nonprofit organization, your top priority is to further an important cause. But to achieve your goals, you must spend time engaging donors and volunteers. Improve the way that you run your organization and communicate with your supporters by conducting a survey. To get valuable feedback and insights, you’ll have to ask the right questions […]

Why You Should Never Run a Facebook Ad Campaign Without Ad Optimization Rules

After testing ads on many platforms including Google Adwords, Gmail ads, Reddit ads, Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, and Pinterest Ads, Facebook Ads still yield the best ROI for me. This is also the case for many other businesses. For example, Andrew Hubbard generated $ 36,449 In revenue from an ad spend of $ 4,159. That’s […]

4 follow-up emails retailers should be sending

As a retailer, your job isn’t done when the sale is complete. While it’s only natural to want to focus on attracting new customers, long-term success depends on customer retention. To attract repeat business, you have to view each new purchase as the beginning of your ongoing relationship with that customer. And because email is […]

Facebook should actually be Tinder too

 There’s beauty in the double-blind opt-in. That’s the way you match with someone on Tinder. You like them, they like you, you both find out and get connected. But to date, the feature’s largely been trapped in dating apps that match you with randos or that not everyone wants to be on. That means this […]

35 Marketing Statistics that Should Change Your Strategy in 2018

A wise man once said, “When your boss’s boss’s boss slacks the marketing team a 30-page report, its contents are probably blog-worthy.” And that, friends, is why we’re here today. Merkle just released its quarterly benchmarks, a dense tome detailing the movers and the shakers, the stagnant and the shocking in the world of digital […]

The changing role of “sales” kickoffs & why marketing should drive

Contributor Scott Vaughan shares tips on how to make your annual revenue kick-off event as successful as possible. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article. Marketing Land – Internet Marketing News, Strategies & Tips

Should Your Emails Match Your Website Design?

You’ve spent long hours — and probably some decent money, too — honing the visual experience of your website. It captures the essence of your brand, while also being easy to navigate and interesting to click through. So it makes sense that you’d want your email design to match your website. But which elements from […]

Facebook should treat fake news like fraud

GUEST: Facebook’s decisions earlier this month to combat fake news by reducing the amount of news-outlet posts users see and relying on users to validate media sources have been hot topics of discussion among advertisers, the media, and anyone following the story of fake news’s damaging influence on politics. Unfortunately, Facebook’s approach may make fake […]

Why Search Agencies Should Embrace the Adjacency of Email Marketing

Posted by davidmihm As someone who’s spent virtually his entire career in local search, I’m by no means an early proponent of email. But in my interactions at marketing conferences, studies of industry research, and social media conversations, I get the feeling that many of my peers are even further down the adoption curve than […]

Why I deleted the Instagram app — and you should think about it too

Instagram has never been my favorite app, perhaps because I love reading words more than staring at photos. But beyond that core element, it’s continued to be the bane of my existence — at least while writing about the tech industry, chatting with friends, and watching the world around me strain to be more “Instagrammable.”  […]