Snapchat adds DoubleVerify as brand safety, viewability measurement partner

DoubleVerify offers the most comprehensive viewability auditing across Snapchat ad formats. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article. Marketing Land – Internet Marketing News, Strategies & Tips

Spotify users can now share music and podcasts to Snapchat

Spotify users can now share their favorite music and podcasts with friends on Snapchat, the company announced this morning, with added support for sharing a song, playlist, artist profile, or podcast either directly to your friends on Snapchat or to your Snapchat Story. Snapchat is now one of several destinations that Spotify users can share […]

How to Find Out Who Added You on Snapchat?

Snapchat is a great and popular platform to take snaps with different types of effects, filters, and emojis, etc. Also, you can add your friends on it and share videos, snaps and make a call, but how can you know who added you on their friend list on Snapchat? So, here are some methods to […]

Snapchat launches ‘instant’ tool for creating vertical ads

Snapchat is hoping to attract new advertisers (and make advertising easier for the ones already on the platform) with the launch of a new tool called Instant Create. Some of these potential advertisers may not be used to creating ads in the smartphone-friendly vertical format that Snapchat has popularized, so Instant Create is designed to […]

Snapchat announces new shows from Serena Williams, Arnold Schwarzenegger and others

Snapchat just announced that it’s making shows with big names like Serena Williams, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kevin Hart, as well as online stars like Emma Chamberlain, Loren Gray, Rickey Thompson, Baby Ariel and FaZe Banks. Snapchat launched its original content efforts two years ago, and today it’s unveiling a new program called Creator Shows. As […]

Study says Tinder, Snapchat users are more OK with cosmetic surgery

Thanks to Snapchat and Instagram “pretty” filters, it’s easy to imagine what you would look like with larger eyes, a flatter nose, and fuller lips.  A new study finds that social media might not just be distorting how we want to look in the digital realm. It could also be related to how we feel […]

One Should Know How to Resolve A Login Fail Error on Snapchat

Are you troubling from Login Fail error on Snapchat? There might be various reasons your Snapchat is being a jerk and not even giving them access to login to the Snapchat account or showing Login fail error on the screen. For these types of issues, we will provide you few solutions which allow you to […]

How to Delete Snapchat Stickers

Stickers have become an important element of the Snapchat application. Snapchat comes with a new feature where you can customize your own Snapchat stickers. But what will you do when you have added a wrong sticker on your Snapchat account? You do not have to worry as you can delete those stickers before uploading any […]

How To Resolve Login Failure Error On Snapchat

Are you frustrated as your Snapchat ghost is not letting you access your account. Well, you keep your high hopes and try for one last time and enter in your correct password, but still, the Snapchat ghost is not letting you log in to your account and presents you with an error code stating “Please […]

5 Best Marketing Tools for Snapchat Advertising

Snapchat is one of the most well-known and widely used social media platforms in recent times. It is not only an excellent medium for connecting with others but even for advertising. You can use various Snapchat tools, which are specially made for advertising on Snapchat. There are millions of people who use this platform for […]