Snap turns on Minis, bite-sized third-party apps in Snapchat

A set of mini apps has gone live on Snapchat platform, marking the beginning of a new chapter for Los Angeles-headquartered firm as it aims to emulate aspects of the popular Chinese “super-app” model. Unveiled last month, Snap Minis are lightweight, simplified versions of apps that live within Snap’s Chat section. These apps — built […]

The Complete Guide to Creating Your Own Snapchat Filters

Since its launch in 2011, Snapchat has allowed users to share quick pictures that vanish into thin air in the matter of seconds. Who would have thought that the popular social tool would become a leading social platform for users of all ages eventually turning into a valuable tool for marketers? Now, Snapchat has are […]

Snapchat tests TikTok-style navigation for exploring public content

Snapchat could be gearing up to more directly challenge TikTok. The company confirmed it’s testing a new experience that allows users to move through Snapchat’s public content with a vertical swiping motion — a gesture that’s been popularized by TikTok, where it allows users to advance between videos. Snapchat says the feature is one of […]

Snapchat: Use the Latest AR Lenses to Add or Remove Beards

It can be worth trying the new Snapchat AR Lenses feature, Beard & Beard Removal. These can help you to get a new look. Snapchat lenses are becoming a popular option for smartphone app users. Now, the company has introduced two latest lenses feature Add or Remove Beards. The new lenses have made it quite […]

How to Fix Snapchat Not Working on Bluestacks Emulator?

Bluestacks is one of the best Android emulators utilized by many Android users to operate Android games and social media applications like PUBG and Snapchat on their device. But most users complained about the Bluestacks Snapchat, not working problem error. So, if you are facing the same issue, then follow this article. Install Bluestacks Older […]

Snapchat: The Funniest Lenses to Try

Thousands of lenses are available on Snapchat. Some of these lenses are very funny. Here is a quick look on some of these funniest lenses. The multimedia messaging app, Snapchat, is still one of the best platforms to find funny lenses and face filters. Many apps are available on smartphones with face filters and funny […]

Snapchat adds free phone number verification to its list of SDK perks

Snap’s latest developer offering is a tool called Verify that’s aiming to save its mobile-first developers cash on verifying user phone numbers en masse. The new tool is being integrated into its Login Kit framework, allowing devs with a “Log In with Snapchat” button to move away from tapping services like Twilio for SMS verification, […]

How to Troubleshoot Snapchat Crashing Issue in Google Pixel 2

Snapchat, as well as Google Pixel both are popular devices and services. They roll out regular updates to gives their users the best experience. But, several third-party applications can create problems. Although Google Pixel 2 is running on the Android operating system, it doesn’t have lots of bloatware like other Android devices. This means, unlike […]

Snapchat boosts its AR platform with voice search, Local Lenses and SnapML

Snapchat’s augmented reality dreams might be starting to look a bit more realistic. The company has been subtly improving its AR-powered Lenses every year, improving the technical odds-and-ends and strengthening its dev platform. The result is that today, more than 170 million people — over three-quarters of Snap’s daily active users — access the app’s […]

Snapchat redesigns its app with new action bar

Snap is unveiling some important changes for Snapchat at its Snap Partner Summit. The navigation has been rethought with a new action bar at the bottom that lets you access Snap Map and Snap Originals in just a tap. Snap Map is also getting some brand new features to compete head-to-head with Google Maps. A […]