Facebook Ads for Restaurants: 11 Tips to Bring More Revenue to Your Table!

Ah, one of my favorite industries to write about! I love food, and I love eating at restaurants. That’s why the restaurant industry is such a fun one to write about, because I get to think about two of my favorite subjects: food and marketing. There are many pros and cons to being a marketer […]

6 tips for effective nonprofit email campaigns

Email is an essential tool for nonprofit organizations, and for good reason: In 2018, nonprofit email marketing earned $ 45 for every 1,000 emails sent (M+R Benchmarks). Want to get more out of your email marketing? Start with these tips for effective nonprofit email campaigns. 1. Educate subscribers about your mission Email is the perfect […]

Dominate Google & Facebook with These 8 Copywriting Tips

This post was co-written by Holly Niemiec and Conor Bond. You need to develop a lot of different skills if you want your online advertising campaigns to achieve their full potential. Even if you’ve created watertight keyword lists and razor-sharp lookalike audiences, something still stands between your prospects and your business: ad copy. A beaut. […]

4 Marketing Productivity Tips from Workfront’s Mike Riding #DSMPLS

Does work follow you home?  When was the last time you had a work week that was actually 40 hours?  Marketers often feel pressed for time and overworked. In fact, according to recent Workfront research: 64% say they’re being asked to come up with new ways of working 58% are so swamped, they don’t have […]

9 Tips to Integrate Organic, Paid, and Content – Whiteboard Friday

Posted by HeatherPhysioc Search can’t live in a silo. If you want to see success, cross-collaboration across your organic, content, and paid teams is absolutely key. But that takes a huge amount of effort, from untangling communication to cross-training to getting buy-in from everyone involved. What’s a search marketer to do? If you missed her […]

Supercharge Your Link Building Outreach! 5 Tips for Success – Whiteboard Friday

Posted by Shannon-McGuirk Spending a ton of effort on outreach and waking up to an empty inbox is a demoralizing (and unfortunately common) experience. And when it comes to your outreach, getting those emails opened is half the battle. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, we welcome recent MozCon 2019 alum Shannon McGuirk to share five of […]

13 Ecommerce Holiday Marketing Tips to Implement Now!

$ 123 billion. According to Statista, that was the total value of all the US sales made by ecommerce businesses during the 2018 holiday season. For context, that’s roughly 18% higher than the nominal GDP of Ecuador. If the holiday season ecommerce market in the US were its own country, it would be the 57th […]

Tips for effective email marketing CTAs

Emails live and die by their calls to action (CTAs). A good email marketing call to action is critical to success; it’s the catalyst that spurs sales. CTAs have evolved over the years, and keeping abreast of current trends is a great way to ensure your email marketing is effective. To that end, here are […]

Not Getting Business Results? Try These Content Tips from Professional Artists

A lot of people think that artists create work when they feel inspired, spending the rest of their time drinking… Continue Reading The post Not Getting Business Results? Try These Content Tips from Professional Artists appeared first on Copyblogger. Copyblogger

Facebook Ads for Dentists: 9 Tips to Out-Shine Your Competitors

Our teeth are such an essential part of our day-to-day lives. Not only are they front and center on our faces, but they help us survive by chewing our food! Dental marketing is not the sexiest thing around, but everyone needs to find a good dentist. (Anyone who has experienced true tooth pain knows exactly […]