Twitter is incorrectly guessing the gender of trans users — and they aren’t having it

Transgender Twitter users aren’t here for the platform’s gendered assumptions. And they sure aren’t hesitating to make that known. Here’s the deal: Twitter released a new set of tools on May 17 which allow users to see and control the data advertisers use to target ads on the social media platform. While the move was […]

Twitter says Vine users’ emails and phone numbers were exposed for a day, but weren’t misused

 Twitter is alerting Vine users of a bug that exposed their email addresses and, in some cases, phone numbers to third parties. It’s also advising affected users to be cautious about any emails from unknown senders as a result. The company says the bug was only active for 24 hours before being patched, and doesn’t believe that […]

Twitter is down for some users

 Twitter seems to be having some technical difficulties this morning, with the network going down for some folks. Down Detector’s live outage map shows Twitter suffering outages in Japan, the UK, and now parts of the East Coast in the United States. Around 2am ET, Twitter’s Support account tweeted that some users may have had […]

Skimlinks can now ‘pre-target’ users down to a product category

The London-based company now offers segments of users interested in buying a given kind of product, even if they’ve only read about it and not clicked on a link to buy. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article. Marketing Land – Internet Marketing News, Strategies & Tips

Snapchat users stay loyal, but Instagram could block its growth

 U.S. millennials and Gen Zs aren’t entirely replacing their Snapchat addiction with Instagram Stories, according to a slew of new studies and surveys commissioned or collected by TechCrunch. Yet the fact that 80 percent of Instagram’s users are outside the U.S. has helped propel Instagram Stories’ ascent to 200 million DAUs, surpassing Snapchat’s 158 million […]

Snapchat hits a disappointing 166M daily users, growing only slightly faster

 Snap’s growth rate increased just a little in Q1 2017 — a bad start to its first quarterly earnings report since going public. Snap hit 166 million daily active users at a growth rate of 5 percent, compared to the 158 million DAUs it had in Q4. Snap shares fell more than 24 percent in […]

Snap Inc. Q1 Report: Now at 166 Users, Facebook Hurting Growth

Snap Inc. has released it’s first earnings report. And the news is not great. Social Media Today RSS

Facebook’s plan worked: Snapchat hits 166 million users, 34 million fewer than Instagram Stories

Today Snap revealed that it now has 166 million daily users,  34 million fewer than Facebook’s Snapchat clone, Instagram Stories. Let’s recap how this happened: Facebook launched Instagram Stories in August 2016, a completely transparent effort to rip off the formula that made Snapchat a success (and slow down Snapchat’s growth in the process). Facebook’s attempts to copy Snapchat […]

Facebook Provides New Insights on Industry-Specific Trends Among Instagram Users

Facebook has released a new set of podcasts offering industry-specific insight into Instagram usage trends. Social Media Today RSS

Facebook beats in Q1 with $8.03B revenue, faster growth to 1.94B users

 Facebook had another strong quarter, beating estimates to start 2017. It scored $ 8.03 billion in revenue and $ 1.04 GAAP actual EPS in Q1 compared to $ 0.87 EPS estimate. It earned that from 1.94 billion users, up from 1.86 billion last quarter, growing at a faster 4.3 percent compared to 3.91 perecent last quarter. […]