How to Analyze Your Facebook Ad Performance: 9 Ways

Are your Facebook ads working for you? Wondering which metrics you should be tracking? In this article, you’ll discover nine ways to analyze and assess the performance of your Instagram and Facebook ad campaigns. #1: Assess Awareness When you’re running social media ad campaigns, it’s interesting to see how many people are viewing your content. […]

10 Ways Specificity Helps You Build a Profitable Audience

If you’re building a business with content marketing, you’ve probably noticed that the attention span of your audience is shrinking… Continue Reading The post 10 Ways Specificity Helps You Build a Profitable Audience appeared first on Copyblogger. Copyblogger

3 ways to double your email list and boost sales with email partnerships

Want an easy way to grow your email list and boost sales? Partner with non-competing businesses and organizations that share your customer base. When you partner with other business to promote one another’s email newsletters, products and services, you can: Earn instant trust. Their audience will trust them when they recommend you, and vice versa. […]

Four Ways to Prepare for Voice Commerce

You’ve built your marketing career by creating compelling campaigns that capture calls, clicks, likes, shares, and sales. You’ve mastered the art and science of SEO. But are you ready to market to the next generation of consumers? Are you ready for voice commerce? Read the full article at MarketingProfs MarketingProfs Daily: Search Engine Marketing

4 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Stories Organic Reach

Want more organic reach for your Instagram stories? Wondering how to create Instagram stories people will watch? In this article, you’ll find four ways to keep more eyes on your Instagram stories, without using ads. How the Instagram Stories Algorithm Works The Instagram algorithm determines the number of followers who see your stories. The algorithm tries […]

Are You Not Testing? Overcome Your Fears with Simple, Practical Ways to Start Running Your First A/B Tests

Author’s Note: We want to focus on giving you actionable advice for what you can pay attention to, evaluate, and implement quickly to make sure you get the most out of the remainder of 2019. Next up in our series is a session we recorded for the A/B Testing Summit in the Spring with practical […]

5 Ways to Optimize Your Site for Google Page Speed Criteria

In May 2018, Google rolled out Lighthouse 3.0, an updated version of their open source tool for auditing the quality and speed of web pages. Lighthouse 3.0 brings new output options for reports, but also a number of changes to the way that it measures site speed and performance, such as the introduction of First […]

5 of the Most Effective Ways to Reduce Business Operational Costs

You may be making a ton of sales every day – enough to bring in substantial profit for your business. But when you look at the numbers, you find that your actual revenue is only just enough to keep the business going. So what could be the reason behind this? You’ve done everything possible to […]

7 Ways to Boost Your Instagram Sales This Holiday Season

Most of us love holiday rituals and traditions like gift-giving, so it’s no wonder that 40% of consumers begin shopping before Halloween. For brands, this means that the holiday shopping season is already here. To satisfy holiday shoppers, most brands start working on their holiday sales campaigns in advance and brands get ready for the […]

5 Ways to Measure Your Instagram Marketing Results

Do you need a better way to report on your Instagram marketing results? Are you looking for ways to measure your Instagram posts and stories? In this article, you’ll learn how to combine data from Instagram Insights and other third-party tools to get a complete picture of your Instagram marketing activities. #1: Compare Your Instagram […]