How to Customize Google Forms With Fonts, Images, and Themes

Google Forms is an online application that enables gathering details form online users using a personalized quiz or survey. Once a user fills Google Forms made by you, the user data would be quickly converted into a spreadsheet for you to see and use it. When so many users responds to your forms or surveys, […]

How to Fix the Blue Screen Error Code 80004001

The error code 80004001 is not one of the commonly seen error codes in Windows 10 but is it is a pretty critical kind of error that belongs to the BSOD errors. The term BSOD stands for Blue Screen of Death that is a pretty fatal indication for the user. It could appear due to unexpected power breakdown, corrupted driver, faulty system files, etc. In case you are also facing the same issue on […]

How to Find and Evolve Minccino into Cinccino in Pokémon Sword and Shield

The famous game of Game Freaks is persisting in attaining acclamation even after four months of its release. Precisely due to the enormous popularity of the Pokémon franchise, that can never be diminished from the hearts of its fans. Alongside its developer Game Freaks, who keep on updating it quite frequently with new features and events. Gamers […]

How to Fix 0x80042108 Error on Microsoft Outlook?

The Microsoft Outlook Error 0x80042108 is common among Outlook users, and the error mostly appears while the program sends and reads the messages. The same error message also shows up when the client tries to forward and reply to the messages. To solve this just keep on reading this blog and you will be able to solve […]

How to Fix PUBG Lite Unreal Engine Error 0x887A0006?

The popular battle royale game, PUBG, is renowned worldwide for its amazing gaming experience. Its popularity reached such heights that it has its three counterparts as well. One such famous counterpart is the lite version of PUBG PC aimed to bring the same experience on a low-end device. However, while playing it, you can face […]

PlayStation 4 vs. PlayStation 5 SSD: A Comparison of the Upgrade

With the confirmation from Sony to use the SSD in PlayStation 5, here is an overview of how they impact the game designs. Sony has recently confirmed the introduction and use of SSD in the PlayStation 5 new gaming console. With this confirmation now, the question arises why the use of SSD in the next […]

HQ Trivia Restored in Less Than Two Months after the App Shutdown

HQ has been resurrected and restored in just less than two months after the app was shut down. The co-founder of HQ Trivia, Rus Yusupov, confirms the return of the game in a notice compiled in a Tweet. The co-founder of HQ Trivia, Rus Yusupov, has released a press notice which was allowing the gamers […]

Where to Dance at Lake Canoe, Camp Cod, and Rainbow Rentals in Fortnite

The world of Fortnite is full of surprises as Epic Games keep on updating it with new events and features. Thus, now the Weekly challenges no.6 has been updated and are known as Meowscles ‘s Mischief. Meowscles, who is a catman, has brought new missions for the gamers. Along with quests. Meowscles has also brought a new update known as 12.21. […]

Where to Find All Dolls in Resident Evil 3 Demo

Capcom has released the demo version of forthcoming Resident Evil 3. The demo version has clearly depicted the gamers about the included changes and aspects. The new version of Resident Evil 3 has more puzzles and quests than its predecessor. One of the quests that have becoming nerve-triggering for the gamers is to locate the Dolls of Mr. […]

Microsoft Ending Investments in Facial Recognition Companies

Microsoft has decided to end investments in facial recognition firms after AnyVision controversy related to secret surveillance on the West Bank. Microsoft has said that the company will no longer invest in third party companies that are involved in developing facial recognition apps. The company has taken this decision following the controversy regarding AnyVision facial recognition company, which […]