Changes Made in Al Capone’s life in Tom Hardy’s New Film Capone

The prohibition era of the USA had led to the rise of various popular gangsters of that time. Al Capone will always remain on the top of the list whenever anyone across the world thinks of powerful American mobsters. The infamous life of Capone has been shown several times through films, TV shows, or even […]

How to Increase Download Speeds on PlayStation 4?

PlayStation is one of the best gaming consoles given by Sony. The most annoying and irritating thing is when we are trying to download the game, and suddenly the internet speed becomes slow, and the download gets stuck. Would you like to know how to boost download speeds on PS4? Then here are some directions […]

How to Fix: Unable to Connect to Fortnite Servers?

Fortnite is one of the best survival battle games created by Epic Games. It offers you a full action-packed game. But today we try to focus on a common issue which is unable to connect to Fortnite servers. So, if you are also facing this issue, then here some fixes are given below. Change the […]

Best Multiplayer Mobile Games to Play With Your Long Distance Friends

Are you feeling restless and bored being at home all the time? Missing hanging out and movie nights with your friends? Of course, everyone is. So, you all might be wondering how to deal with that. In this time of digitalization, you can easily stay connected with your friends. It is one of the greatest […]

Watch New Release Theater Movies at Your Home in Lockdown

With cinemas closed across the most world following the ongoing health crises, movie enthusiasts are missing their best moments spent in movie theaters. While you still can’t visit a theater to watch a newly released movie, but you can watch them at your home instead. Due to the public mass gathering is prohibited in most […]

How to Increase Your Laptop’s Battery Life

The digital world is full of electronic devices such as Computers, Smartwatches, smart handheld phones, laptops, etc. Among all the electronic equipment, users like to use compatible and transit-able devices that can be easily carried from one place to another for official works, etc. In the increasing demand for electronic and smart devices, Laptops consumed […]

How to Set Up the Two Factor Authentication for Gmail in the Outlook

Setting up Outlook’s desktop version with the Gmail account is kind of tricky, but if it happens with straight steps, then it can be completed easily. If you are facing issues in setting up, then the first thing you should know that it is not happening because of the wrong password of the wrong address. […]

How to Find the Workspace URL on Slack?

Slack is one of the best workplace communication utility given by Slack Technologies. It offers you a quick messaging system using many add-ins for different workplace utility. Slack should replace text messaging, quickly messaging, and email for the team and keep each communication style within one application. There are two types of chat on Slack: […]

Samsung All Set to Launch a Samsung Pay Debit Card

Samsung is all set to launch the Samsung Pay Debit card in partnership with SoFi Samsung is planning to expand its financial services with the release of a card called Samsung Debit card. Sang Ahn has announced the news of launching the new Samsung Debit card in a blog post of the company. Sang Ahn, […]

Zens Liberty presents the 16 Coils that Apple Failed to do

Apple has been a tech giant for ages. Yet, every tech journey is filled with experiments and failures, so is Apple’s journey. However, where Apple fails, Zen conquers the place. After the butterfly button failure, here comes another story from Apple that first created a hype and then destroyed it. But little did the tech […]