How to Know If Someone Has Added You on Snapchat

When it’s about sharing videos and pictures easily to friends, there is no good option for social media than Snapchat. You can share fun moments at the concert or a photo of a family vacation with friends. Snapchat makes all these sharing easy and to communicate with your friends. The concept of temporary videos and […]

How to Speed up an Android Device

Android is a famous operating system all over the globe as 2.5 billion systems running the version of the software. Its spontaneous design is compatible with mostly every phone manufacturer accepts Apple, which makes it an obvious favorite for every user. Though like any other device, the Android phone slows down as time passes. It […]

How to Fix Windows 10 Common Update Problems

Windows Update has covered a long distance from the old version. Earlier, Windows were greeted with awkward applications filled with crashes and errors. However, nowadays, Windows update works properly in the background without interrupting the user’s path and executing its task efficiently. It offers users little spontaneous reboots than before and also allows the update […]

How to Use Message Effects in MacOS

A message has various fun effects on macOS that can be visible on the iOS similar counterpart to live as well as enjoy the conversation. Though the text for Mac is not similar to messages for iPad and iPhone, including several numbers of effects, it remains as out of the version that has followed the […]

PUBG Karakin Map: Best Drop Spot and Locations

Every gamer who play PC games know about PUBG, and there’s nothing more to say about the popularity of this ultimate game. They recently released a new map in the game, Karakin to make the game more entertaining. It’s the smallest map in the game yet there are extremely high risk and common areas available […]

Apple Rumored To Make Its 5G Antennas in 2020

It’s widely rumoured that Apple is looking to make its 5G antennas for the new iPhone in 2020. The giant tech Qualcomm’s antennas might not be available in the new iPhone devices because they are not providing a sheer size of antennas as per the requirement of the company. However, it doesn’t mean that Apple […]

How to Use Apple Health: The Best Guide

Apple always has something to keep its users fit and healthy, and they provide the health app to allow the users to track their health anytime. Apple Health app is available in the iPhone devices for a long time, but now in iOS 13, user can track their activities. Having good health is necessary for […]

How to Play Minecraft on Chromebook

Chromebook is not designed for gaming; however, the dynamic device can run several vintage games. Games like Minecraft cannot run on Chromebooks as it was introduced for Mac, Windows and Linux PC. But Minecraft creators have reported that the game is going to be available on the Chrome OS too. If you want to play […]

How to Turn off Edge PDF Viewer On Windows 10?

Edge has its built-in ability to run PDF files, but there may be many reasons as to why you would not want to use it. If you want to make use of Adobe PDF instead, then we will help you out. Through Settings In case the user wishes to disable the Edge PDF viewer through […]

How to Change Apple Credit Card Limit

We use several bank cards in our daily life for shopping, paying utility bills and pay online etc. Apple Credit Card has rapidly become the most-used card nowadays and the most famous Credit Card in the US. The main reason for the popularity of the Apple Credit Card is that it is easy-to-use, convenient and […]