The Devil All the Time: Netflix Offers Us a Glimpse of the Upcoming Psychological Thriller

Source: Psychological thriller The Devil All the Time is all set to release an online video streaming giant Netflix. The release date of the film is September 16, 2020. However, a few released stills from the upcoming movie give us a glimpse into what characters are portrayed by different actors in the film. According to […]

Ensure Safety of Your Cloud Storage with these Tips

Generally, companies prefer storing their data on the servers. There are various reasons why they do so. One of the biggest reasons for doing so is the privacy and security of their sensitive data. They prefer storing their data on the server to protect it from unknown threats that are uncertain. So, if any of […]

Apple Retina Display Differences in iPhone 11, Pro & Max

Apple’s iPhone 11 provides a wide range of screen size and resolution types, but the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max counterparts are beyond expectation and more than a screen size option. All three variants of the iPhone 11 come fitted with the A13 chipset, and hence the difference in the three models […]

Some of the Best Netflix Movies Based on True Stories

There are thousands of movies inspired by real stories, and no one can watch all the movies. If you are a movie lover, then you definitely will not want to waste your valuable time. Netflix has a bunch of amazing content, and we have listed some of the best movies inspired by real events. Source:- […]

How to Enable Others to Use Your HomeKit

Innovation has made plenty of things very simple for us. Have you ever thought of turning your iPhone into a remote for controlling your smart home? Sounds insane, right? Apple Homekit has changed the vision and transformed fantasy into reality with its introduction.   Apple’s HomeKit is a software used to control your smart-home appliances. […]

Motorola Edge: A Near-to-Flagship Experience

Motorola has been in a dormant state for a while in the smartphone market. But that changed when it launched its new flagship Motorola Edge Plus, a few months back. The Plus version came at a reasonably competitive pricing of $999 and was designed to compete against the likes of Galaxy S20 Ultra, a $1400 […]

Best Currency Converter Apps

The currency converter apps allow the user to convert and confirm the currency to all countries across the world. These apps are widely used for trading on the sites as well. Nowadays, traveling has made it very convenient and comfortable for travelers. When a person travels from one country to another, they have to convert […]

Google’s New Update for Its Messaging Service Introduces a Lot of New Features

With technology striving toward letting us connect better with our loved ones during the pandemic, Google is updating it’s messaging service with some exciting new features. Though most of the features that Google’s update will be sporting are already available on various other messaging platforms, Google’s user base is sure to appreciate some perks. This […]

The Future of Social Media Stories

Different social media platforms are introducing the “Story” feature in their application which has changed the way to consume content. Instagram introduced the feature in 2016, and it became popular among users as soon as it launched. Since then, over 500 million people use stories every day. If you are also an enthusiastic learner or […]

Pokémon GO Fest 2020 Virtual Team Lounge Revealed

Recently Pokémon GO disclosed the details of GO Fest 2020 virtual lounge. Along with the virtual lounge, Pokémon GO has also lined up the livestream event to let the players watch it at the time of arrival. After waiting for a long time, Pokémon GO finally made the announcement of Go Fest 2020. The anniversary […]