How to Save Snapchat Pictures on Android

Snapchat is the well-known application which permits the users to share their photos and videos which will get deleted after seen by all their friends. In Snapchat, you will find that the pictures immediately get removed from the user account. The user can download their friends’ picture or snapshot them, but your friends will get […]

Antivirus is dead, says maker of Norton Antivirus

Antivirus is dead. So sayeth Brian Dye, Symantec’s senior vice president for information security, in a weekend interview with The Wall Street Journal. The words sound shocking—Symantec and its Norton antivirus suite have been at the forefront of PC security for years and years. But don’t let the stark claim fool you: Norton isn’t being retired, and Dye’s […]

How to Find Friends on Spotify

Spotify is the user favorite streaming application which also allows the user to download the liked songs on their Spotify account. Spotify permits the users to find out the song with their other friends. If you like to use this function will permit you to enjoy more services provided by Spotify. Interact with new people […]

How to Repair a Malfunctioning Mac

In case the speed of the system is very slow and not responding correctly then you have to repair your system first. When you are doing any work in the Mac, and it is not able to open your selected file, this means you have to troubleshoot your Mac by following the given steps. Steps […]

How to Hide Facebook Posts From Your Friends

Want to hide your Facebook post from annoying people? Then it might be possible by going to the “Privacy” page which will allow you to hide the pictures, videos or links from that particular person. The significant part is that your other Facebook friends can view the post you had uploaded but only the selected […]

How to Pair the Apple AirPods to a MacBook

AirPods is a wireless device used by the owners of the iPhone devices. The users don’t have to place the earbuds wire into their phone jack as you can listen to songs without connecting any cable into your phone. In case you don’t know the steps of connecting the “Apple AirPods” to the “MacBook”, then […]

How to Mute Ringer and Alerts on the Apple Watch

When you are watching the movie in the theater or attending an office meeting, and you don’t want to receive any notification sound from the Apple Watch. Sometimes you consider muting the sound or vibration that you receive from the Apple Watch so that you don’t get disturbed when doing any essential work. Instead of […]

How to Set Up Folders and Group Apps on iPhone

Creating folders is a terrific way of reducing your phone’s clutter. Grouping applications will make it easier for you to use the phone. It isn’t all that easy to set up the folders. Although it is straightforward when you do it once. Go through these steps to make folders on iPhone How to create the […]

How To Make My Instagram Account Private?

Immediately after the creation of the Instagram account, the account can be seen by everyone. This implies that any Instagram user can search for your account and look at your posts. This action will not require any permission. To make your account safe by letting only your chosen few to watch the posts you need […]

How To Insert Location In Instagram Posts?

Adding the location on Instagram posts makes your followers know where you are. You don’t even need to mention the location, especially in the captions. Many of your friends may even ring you up to meet for coffee. It can be that you are coincidentally in the same city. Putting the location to any of […]