How to Record Your Voice on Windows PC

Microsoft includes Sound Recorder program for free on all its Windows platform. Sound Recorder program enables an individual to edit, record, and preview their recorded voice. Moreover, a user can also include additional music, comments, phrases in a video, or recorded voice file. To record your voice using Sound Record on your Windows PC, go […]

How to Install Nvidia SLI on PC

Video editors and gaming enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the latest graphics cards, and surely this cubical piece of the hardware enables a drastic change in the display output of your computer. Nvidia SLI graphics card allows a user to install two or more cards which can immensely boost the performance of the […]

How to Enable Screen Sharing on Discord

Discord is a great tool for online communication, which permits its users to have a conversation through voice, text, and video. A number of gamers, mainly those who play PVM and PVP games, communicate with their teams using Discord. You can become a member of the different types of communities which have the same interest […]

How to Edit a PDF Document on macOS

Portable Document Format (PDF) is the layout of a file used to view documents in the electronic format. You can open, print, move, and share PDF documents with anyone. PDF includes pictures, video, audio, form fields, links, and buttons. Here you will get to know how to edit a PDF document on macOS. Steps to […]

6 Best Free Music Apps for Android of 2019

When we are usually bored or feeling down and alone, then at that time music comes in our mind and helps to feel relaxed because music has healing power. That’s why I have listed the best free music apps for Android. Source:- Music Apps for Android of 2019, 1 Google Music Play Google operates Google Play […]

What to Do When ‘Windows Search Not Working’ on Windows 10?

Do you know about Windows Search? Well, Windows search is one of the best valuable services offered by the Microsoft Windows OS. It helps in finding and browsing the required programs and files instantly and saves lots of time. Mostly, Windows 10 or OS users are using this feature in their day to day life. […]

6 Best Car Rental Apps For Android

Getting a car on rent is not as difficult as it was. From planning a road trip to exploring multiple cities in a country. The need for a car comes first for vacationers and travelers. Many companies promise to offer the best of their services to travelers but don’t keep their clients satisfied with their […]

5 Most Exciting Car Apps for Android

We are spending a considerable amount of time in cars. That’s why technology have given us many new apps for our vehicles. Here some best apps for cars are given below: has 1. Waze: Best traffic app Waze is one of the best live traffic apps which every driver should use. It has useful features […]

5 Best Noise Canceling Headphones

While commuting to work or anywhere else, the noise of public and traffic remain stuck in our heads. What if there is a way to cut these noises and be in your peaceful space even when in public places? Well, there is an exclusive collection of some best noise canceling headphones which can give you […]

Ways to Set Up Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser Default Search Engine

Recently, Microsoft released its new Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser. However, it is not only the next Edge versions many users have. Instead, it gives a twirl of customization. With this browser, one can be able to install Google Chrome themes, install Google Chrome extensions on Edge direct from the Chrome Web store, also provides Dark […]