How to Clear Cache on iPhone or iPad

If your iPhone or iPad is slowing down, then you need to delete some applications from your device that are taking maximum storage in your iPhone or iPad. The slow speed of your device will be because your device is containing many unnecessary apps and file in it; this means it is time to clean […]

Snapchat and Its Future with In-Built Gaming

According to a report from Cheddar, Snapchat will be launching a new platform for gaming as early as next month at its Los Angeles rendezvoused Snap Partner Summit. The company had previously dabbled into games before- the Snappables, which was a set of AR lens games launched in April last year. This time, Snap is […]

How to Set Up and Pair Your Apple Watch

Apple Watch helps you to track your daily fitness and motivate their users for increasing their physical activity. It tracks your workouts by using the GPS settings and you can also check your workouts status without using your iPhone. In case you had purchased a new Apple Watch and want to know how to set […]

How to Move a Mac Photo Library to External Storage

In case the Photo library is becoming hard to manage in the Mac USB hard drive, then move the Photo library into the external hard drive. This procedure will help you to manage your photos and empty the storage on the Mac. Here are the steps listed below to know how to move a Mac […]

How to Send Podcasts to the Apple TV

The Apple TV in-built podcasts application is the best thing to get Apple podcasts on the large display of the Apple TV. In case the users cannot find their favorite podcast that they wish to connect with their smart television, the follow the steps which are given below to know more about it. Steps for […]

How to block phone and FaceTime calls on iOS

Frustrated by annoying callers? Does someone keep calling you endlessly and relentlessly? Here is how to stop them. A simple blocking is the simplest trick to avoid a call, message, and FaceTime from a contact. Whether it is from your friend, relative, or a prank caller, you can block the user who is irritating you […]

Boost Windows 10 With These 5 Easy Tricks

Windows 10 is a recently updated operating system for windows users. It came with a lot of cool features and now runs in more 800 million devices according to Microsoft. Though, the user experience has not been the same for many as they found it little complicated and slow while starting it up. The reason […]

7 Useful Tips and Tricks for iPhone XR & XS

Apple’s iPhone XS and XR are one of the greatest  iPhones in the market. They come with an outstanding display and best in class design. Not to forget the Face ID feature that has changed how we use the device. As these phones are new in the market, you can learn various new tricks available […]

5 Best Weapons for PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode

Zombie: Survive till dawn event is one of the most exciting and recent modes that came with PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 update. It is excellent for honing your killing skills and practice winning matches. The zombies keep coming in various frequencies from time to time, and you have to eliminate them as well as other enemies […]

How to download photos and gallery images from Twitter

Either you’re on the phone or a PC, you can download Photos and other pictures from Twitter. If you’re using an iPhone or Android on both, you can download the images from Twitter. If you want to download an image from tweets have more than one picture, then here you’ll also learn about that. Below […]