How to check May 2019 Update, if Windows 10 version 1903 is installed on your device?

May 2019 Update Windows 10 version 1903 is intentional to rollout the compatible devices in the coming weeks, and if you want to avoid problems the best way to upgrade to the new version is to achieve a clean installation. Although an in place upgrade using Windows Update is classically one of the recommended methods, […]

How to Setup Multiple Monitors on Windows 10

Windows 10 has many features and settings which makes it compatible to setup more than one monitor without downloading any third-party software on your computer. It also improves your multitasking skills when you work with many programs. Here’s how to setup multiple monitors on Windows 10. Steps  for Rearranging Multiple Monitors on Windows 10 •    […]

5 Best Racing Games for Android Users in 2019

Racing games provide an enthralling experience, whether you play it on any platform. If you don’t have much time to play on other devices and own an Android phone, you can play racing games anywhere and anytime on your device. The Google Play Store boasts a lot of exciting racing games, and you can install […]

How to Download Flash Games on PC

Flash games are fantastic- they are available all over the web, and are easy and free to play. If you have found a flash game and want to download it, then the game itself must fulfill some criteria. That’s why some Flash games can’t be downloaded. If you want to download Flash games on your […]

How to Stream to Twitch on PS4 and Xbox One X

Streaming on Twitch for the first time can be difficult.  You have to ensure that you’re ready for it and can kick off the Twitch stream with style and self-confidence. Both of these qualities will help you to Twitch streaming. Here’s how to setup PS4 and Xbox One X for Twitch streaming. Steps for Setting […]

How to Disable “OK Google” on Your Android

Many people are concern about their device privacy while using digital assistants. Are you worried about the privacy of your Android device? Then disable “OK Google” on your Android by following the steps mentioned below. Steps for Turning Off  “OK Google” •    Go to the Settings application on the Android Device •    Choose the language, […]

How to Embed a Google Form in an Email

Google Forms provide free service which permits you to make new online polls, surveys, quizzes, questionnaires, and other things. Each of the data is gathered and saved in the Google spreadsheet. In case you wish to embed various Google forms on your site, then learn how to embed a Google form in an email. Steps […]

How to Play a Video Automatically in PowerPoint

Video is the best way to engage your audience and holds their attention towards your presentation created in Microsoft PowerPoint. YouTube video can be added to the presentation easily, but it is difficult to enable the AutoPlay feature. Here’s how to play a video automatically in PowerPoint. Steps for Playing a Video Automatically in PowerPoint […]

How to Open SWF format files

Downloaded a Flash game or movie from a website, but unable to play it? Nowadays, almost all browsers have Flash installed. You can easily open these SWF files using your browser. If it doesn’t work, there are some programs like Adobe Flash Player, Elmedia Player (for Mac) and SWF Players that can open your .swf […]

Sony Partner on Streaming Games, Microsoft, AI, and Chips

Microsoft and Sony on May 16 said that they collide with a strategic partnership in which Sony would use Microsoft’s cloud for media and games, and the two would work together to develop new image sensors. The deal is in its early stages with the many specifics are yet to be determined. But the owners of two […]