Add HBO Backgrounds of Westworld and Game of Thrones to Your Zoom Calls

You can sit on the chair of John Oliver and the Iron Throne with the HBO backgrounds during your Zoom Calls. The Zoom video conferencing app can make its Zoom calls much more exciting than ever before. The HBO backgrounds, including Westworld and Game of Thrones, are now available for download. Now, users can enjoy […]

The Recent Download 1000 HD Movies is the Fastest Ever Internet Data Speed

Australian researchers have recorded the fastest download speed on the internet. The download speed is equivalent to downloading 1,000 HD movies in a second. Here is everything you should know. Australian researchers have recorded the fastest ever internet speed in the world. The downloading speed of the internet is about movies of 1,000 HD in […]

5G Uploads by Verizon is a Great News for Gaming, Social Media Video & Zoom Calls

Verizon is making uploads through 5G technology available in various cities. It is resulting in providing several benefits to gaming and video sharing calls. Verizon has rolled out its 5G technology, which is now available for uploads in various cities. With rolling out the 5G uploads available, the company is making the 5G technology quite […]

Top Fitness Vloggers to Follow on YouTube

In recent years, the fitness and wellness industry has skyrocketed its business. People have started to realize the importance of being fit. As awareness increases, sources of information have also increased. Although there are multiple fitness channels on YouTube that offer live and recorded exercises, that can be followed from the comfort of their houses, […]

How to Reduce Fire TV Stick Data Usage

Fire TV Stick is a device that can be plugged into your HDMI support TV and stream any shows, TV series, or movies from online to directly on your TV. Fire TV Stick users might know that it consumes a lot of data, more than you might anticipate. If you are someone who has a […]


Epic Games is acclaimed globally for the promising aspects that they usually added to their game. Fortnite is the best example to prove it; thus, they have added a new challenging twist in the No Right to Bear Arms challenge. The gamers who have already played the post April’s challenge must know about the conflict that has arisen between Gnomes and Teddy […]

How to Rob a Train in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an action-adventure game developed under the supervision of Rockstar Studios. The game is quite popular among gamers due to its astonishing-adventurous aspects. The game allows the users to perform all sorts of activities; whether it’s illegal or legal. However, the game usually tempts the users for unlawful activities. The cowboy dream of […]

Harry Potter Face Mask: A Real-Life Marauder’s Map

A creative fan of Harry Potter has made a real-life Map Mask of Marauder. Notably, the mask has become an essential accessory at the moment. Recently, one creative fan of Harry Potter has created a mask similar to the real-life  Mask of Marauder’s Map. The recent discovery is indicating the influence and huge fan following […]

Lesser Known LinkedIn Tricks to Grow Your Professional Network

What’s so special about LinkedIn? Is it just a regular social network, or does it have some secret abilities? Since its inception in 2003, the platform has increased its user count with flying colors. Not only can one seek a job at the stage, but one can also give a solid boost to one’s business. […]

Google’s App Gets a New Dark Mode Starting Today

Google has updated its mobile app with a dark mode, and it will be available on Android as well as iOS. The company has announced this news through its official Twitter handle. The users will get a specific button to turn on-off the dark mode on the respective Google app. These changes in the Google app […]