How to Pair Apple Watch to Your iPhone XR

If you want to pair Apple Watch to your iPhone XR, then you have to install the Apple Watch application on the iPhone. Otherwise, you can connect both the devices automatically. But, the XR is the latest version of the iPhone, and it might be possible that you face an error while connecting it. In this […]

How to Customize Fonts, Background, and Themes on Gmail

Want to change your Gmail appearance to make it more exciting and attractive? After a time we all get bored with the same thing, either it is a new gadget or the interface we see in Gmail. Gmail is one of the most used as well as demanded email clients. Many social media sites and […]

Amazon Firestick: How to Install Updated Kodi?

You may be wanting to use Kodi to organize your favorite movies and TV shows. This free software is used for managing your media content such as movies, shows, songs, and pictures. Here is how you can install Kodi on your Amazon Firestick. Follow the instructions carefully. Allow Kodi on Your TV You need to […]

How to Check the RAM of Your Device?

Every handheld device has a particular RAM size allotted to it. RAM stands for Random Access Memory, and every computer and smartphone has it. You can check your RAM size to determine how fast the computer or device will work. Let’s go through the process of checking the RAM size of your device. Source: On Windows […]

How to Create a Shortcut to a Website on Your Desktop?

Do you want to be able to access certain websites quickly? Rather than opening a web browser first, you can just add its shortcut. In this blog, we will check out the methods of creating a shortcut to a website on the desktop. Source : On Internet Explorer or Firefox If you want to create […]

How to Add the Chrome Icon for Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is perhaps the most popular web browsers across the globe. It is fast, simple, and convenient to use. Also, this browser has several icons. You can change the Chrome icons by going to Properties. Those who do not like the icon options available can get more icons from the internet. In this blog, […]

How to Add Music to Your PowerPoint Slides

Add a song or narration audio file to your PowerPoint presentation to spice up it. Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to add a soundtrack to several or entire slides of a presentation. It not only allows you to add audio, but you can also control playback within the presentation, customize the volume settings, and much more. […]

Free Call of Duty Battle Royale Game for Device Could Arrive as Early as Next Year: Report- News

Rumour has it that the individuals behind the Call of Duty franchise  are working on a free battle Royal game that’s set for release in early 2020. The Battle Royale game play mode, encouraged by a Japanese movie of the similar name – and not the more recent Hunger Games franchise – and popularized by the likes […]

Michelle Williams to Return For Venom 2

After the news of Venom returning with a second installment, it is revealed now that Michelle Williams is going to reprise her role in Venom 2. Michelle has usually made an appearance in movies which are critically acclaimed and also has been nominated for four Oscars. She debuted in a superhero movie previous year with […]

How to Delete Stock Apps on Your iPhone or iPad

Apple permits the users to remove the Stock application on their iPhone or iPad. In this article, you will get the menu list of all the Stock applications which you can delete. If you want to delete Stock apps on your iPhone or iPad, then go through the instructions mentioned below. Source: Here’s how to […]