Pinterest Launches $500K Creator Fund, A New Content Policy, Moderation Tools, and More

Popular social networking site Pinterest hosted an event focused on its creator community recently where it introduced a set of updates comprising its $500K Creator Fund and “Creator Code,” a new content policy along with other moderation tools and updates. The company said that it aims to make sure the platform remains a “positive, inclusive […]

YouTube Is Expanding Monetization to More Types of Content

The video-sharing giant YouTube is expanding the monetization opportunities for content creators by enabling ads to run on more types of content. With this, creators can now make money through content that was not regarded as suitable for advertisers earlier. Owing to the recent changes made to YouTube’s advertiser-friendly content guidelines, which have now become […]

YouTube Is Testing a New Feature to Hide Video Dislike Counts

Creating content is no cakewalk, and seeing more dislikes than likes in a video could easily be one of the worst nightmares for any content creator. Moreover, recently internet trolls have begun weaponizing the “Dislike” button to convey their message and mock authentic content. Besides, sometimes these “dislikes” on a video have nothing to do with its […]

YouTube Tests a New Feature That Will Auto-Detect Products in Videos

The video giant YouTube is constantly experimenting with new things, and this time it is testing a new feature that will automatically detect products in a video. It will also display a list of detected products in the video along with related products to the users. The company is testing this feature with a small […]

YouTube: Bad News for Content Creators in India and Other Countries

Google’s recent announcement might come across as “bad news” to YouTube content creators in India and other countries. The search engine informed all YouTubers via email that it will have to cut US taxes from payments to creators outside the United States. This means the US YouTube creators won’t have to bear any extra tax burden. Google […]

Make these Changes on YouTube to Quickly Find What You’re Looking For

You probably won’t believe it, but every minute, there are more than 500 hours of videos getting uploaded. Undoubtedly, YouTube is the only platform that has every type of content for its user. From advanced material to learning a very basic activity, you can open YouTube and search for it. Additionally, whatever is happening in […]

Pinterest Powers up Creators With New Tools During Stressful Times

Pinterest’s Global Director of Creator Marketing, Colleen Stauffer, said that the content on Pinterest is about the people and what they want in their life. Further adding to her statement, Stauffer explained that the platform really tried to harness planning that turned into way more short-term amid the pandemic last year. They wanted to fit […]

YouTube Rolls Out 4K Video Support for All Android Devices

It looks like the popular video-sharing platform YouTube has quietly released a new update allowing people to stream 4K/60p videos on all mobile devices, even on the ones that do not have an Ultra HD display. Although people using devices with a lesser display resolution won’t get the same video quality as they would with […]

New Guidelines Announced for Social Media Influencers for Disclosure of Promotional Ad Content

The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has issued draft guidelines for social media influencers in order to bring transparency to digital media. ASCI pointed out that today influencer advertising has become quite popular, and the majority of posts that influencers publish are promotional, yet most of them aren’t recognized as such. This type of […]

The Top 8 PPC Advertising Platforms

With so many ad networks available today, it has become harder than ever to decide which one to choose. However, one must keep in mind that no two platforms are exactly the same ever. When it comes to advertising, deciding where to invest can rely on a number of factors like: Budget The user base […]