Take Away The Pie Of Success With The Zomato Clone

A food delivery app is no less when compared to the other on-demand services. In fact, the on-demand food delivery app is what tops the chart in every users’ mind. Starting from a child to adults, there is no one that you could point out who doesn’t love food. Ok, maybe the liking towards food may vary. But come on, the point is almost the same.

So, getting to our point here, there is no way one person would not prefer food and that can be clearly seen from the hundreds of statistics that are proving that online food delivery apps like Zomato are growing exponentially.

There are as many entrepreneurs, who would like to take up this as their new venture. Why can’t you try the same now? As you have come halfway through this blog, you can by the way read the rest and find out how less difficult it would seem after knowing about the Zomato Clone.

Business model of the Zomato Clone:

The business model of the Zomato Clone is the aggregator model. Here, the app doesn’t belong to any specific company but it lists out all the food joints to the users, who can order their favourite dishes from their favourite restaurants listed and can get it delivered to the doorstep.

The key stakeholders of the app are:

  • Restaurant owner
  • Delivery professional
  • App owner (i.e. you)

As an admin, you can charge from the restaurant for every order delivered from their restaurant to the customers. Once the customer places an order, the restaurant owner, the app owner/admin, the nearest delivery executive will get a notification. Once the food is prepared, the delivery executive will take it to the customer’s location using GPS navigation. The customer can either pay by cash or by other payment methods.

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