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If you are dreaming big to live in Australia and want to pursue a career in ICT or related field and do not have a certified ICT degree or you are from a completely different background then you have to submit your RPL report and ACS skills assessment letter to show competency according to ACS standard. Evaluation sheet to show your eligibility as per ACS standard. You need to show how you gained your ICT knowledge and submit ACS accreditation – 2 project reports of pre-learning form – within an ACS RPL report application. Each report must provide a detailed description of the career case in your employment history. Sufficient description of the evidence in applying the claimed ICT knowledge to the work position.

Projects must relate to the employee for evaluation of two reports, one must apply for the project within the last three years, and another project within the last five years. Sufficient detail should be provided to demonstrate the depth and breadth of your ICT knowledge during their ICT employment. You can take help of ACS skill assessment samples. We provide our candidates with samples of employment reference letters submitted by our previous candidates and evaluate them positively. You can also download letter samples and use them for reference purposes.

Employment reference letter

Work experience must be at a specialist ICT level and applied to a designated occupation to conduct appropriate surveys for migration skills assessment. The rules of employment reference letter are as follows:

  • You should specify specific dates in DD / MM / YYYY format for the total duration of employment.
  • What position did you serve in the previous organization?
  • What duties were you performing during employment?
  • The roles and responsibilities previously played must be specified – if applicable.
  • It is very important to mention your working hours – full time / part-time and actual hours worked per week
  • Specified country employment was started
  • Organization letterhead is marked by an approved person

Verification of pre-study project reports should be your entire work and should not be submitted by anyone else, a paid writing business or an editing agency. ACS reserves the right to use software applications to match work submitted to you by published sources or other on-screen applications. In some cases, you may be asked to submit a project report and other written resumes. Work submitted with an application for screening by plagiarism detection services. All quoted or contained material must be referred to, and all sources are well described in the project report. Failure to disclose information included in the project report that is not your own will result in an unfair evaluation.


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