Take Your Restaurant Business To The Next Level By Initiating Contactless Dining

With more priority to the safety of diners, while they eat in restaurants, the demand for Contactless dining grew after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. It involves minimum physical contact and less face-to-face interaction between the customers and the staff of the restaurants. Contactless dining can also be referred to as digital ordering or smart dining.

The benefits of contactless dining include a greater level of convenience and assured security as there is no chance of any health risks. Restaurants have begun contactless ordering,  contactless delivery, and accepting contactless payments too for ensuring utmost comfort to the users. Overall, contactless dining removes all high-touch elements like menu and bill from the reach of the users. We offer a customized and easy-to-use restaurant management software that includes contactless dining. It can be utilized with ease by any kind of restaurant, irrespective of its size and scale.

Analyzing how our restaurant management software facilitates contactless dining?

  • Users can scan the QR code using their smartphones to access the menu offered by the restaurant.
  • They can choose the food items that they wish to order from the digital menu.
  • The diners can place the order, which will be instantly informed to the POS (Point of Sale) system of the restaurant.
  • Payments can also be made in a contactless manner through online transactions by using digital wallets and net banking.

Latest trends added to our software for enabling Contactless Dining

Changes in the packaging of food – Instead of plates, customized boxes are used in packages. It can be used for home delivery and in-store pickup. Readymade packages are offered for couples and families.

Better branding – Exclusive containers showcasing the benefits of the brand are provided to the diners. All the containers are made with environmentally-friendly material and can be reused as well as recycled.

Use of advanced technology – Customers prefer to view restaurant menus from their mobile devices, access the promotional codes and offers through emails and social media applications, and make digital payments for settling their bills. Apart from QR code scanning, technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) are also being used by restaurants to personalize the dining experience of the users based on their likes, dislikes, tastes, preferences, and personal habits. Human-to-human contact is being reduced to a great extent by the usage of robots powered by the Internet of Things (IoT)

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